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Friday February 25, 2022 at 12:26

IURIS gives the keys to the new generation of lawyers

The Association has organized a round table, together with Practical Law, to bring students closer to the skills and knowledge that law firms are demanding.

Alberto Gómez

The last decades have been characterized by an uncertain and complex environment, where change and challenges are the order of the day. This has not only meant a social evolution, it has also managed to modify legal services. For this reason, the IURIS URJC association and Practical Law decided to set up the round table “The new generation of lawyers: Skills and knowledge demanded by law firms. New professions in the legal sector”.

"The main objective of these conferences has been that the students of the degree in Law can receive from the hand great speakers information and very valuable practical advice on the access of young people to law firms and the skills that are demanded in these", point out from IURIS URJC. In addition, as they tell us from the organization, the event has also served for the attendees to relate to the speakers who participated.

Round tables like these show that the URJC associations are made up of restless people. In addition, as IURIS points out, "the opportunity is offered to thousands of students to be able to professionalize themselves and obtain a differentiation in their degrees". On the other hand, "the symbiosis with Practical Law gives us professionalism, knowledge, an entrepreneurial spirit and helps us to get to know LegalTech first-hand, the reality of the legal market and the future of the legal profession."

The highlights of the table were the speakers and the feedback they had with the attendees. Mafalda Vizcaíno, junior lawyer at Legal Management Consulting; Jesús Menoyo, Legal Project Manager at Legal Management Consulting; Laura Gómez, Department of People and Transformation of Mutuality of the Lawyers; Josep Servent, creator of Legal Shelter; and Martín Cueto, marketing manager at EasyLeapp MBA, were in charge of imparting knowledge and inspiring those present.

Practical Law will publish in its Web page a video summary of the day, available for all those who could not attend the event. On the other hand, a series of events is expected, both online and face-to-face, on topics related to skills, transformation and innovation in the legal sector thanks to the recent alliance between IURIS URJC and Practical Law.