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Thursday, March 17, 2022 at 07:15 p.m.

The ETSII celebrates JobDays, its professional development days

Important national and international companies, as well as prestigious professionals and alumni of the center, will participate this Thursday, March 17, in an event aimed at students in their final years of Computer Engineering degrees.

Albert Rose

The Móstoles Campus of the Rey Juan Carlos University hosts this Thursday, March 17, the ETSII JobDays, the professional development days in which the students of the last years of the degrees of the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering they can design their professional career.  

The sessions are held between 09:00 and 19:00 simultaneously in the Aula Magna and Aula 006 in Móstoles, with a program divided into talks by companies and presentations given by invited people. And it is that important national and international entities offer External Internships for students, as well as the possibility of employment contracts once the degree is finished.  

These companies will introduce themselves to the students, indicating what they offer and what types of profiles they are looking for. Google, Cabify, Amazon, Eventbrite, ING, KPMG, Deloitte, Fujitsu or Siemens are just some of the entities that will be present at the ETSII JobDays 2022.  

In addition, students will also be able to attend talks and presentations by prestigious professionals and former students who will tell first-hand about the reality of the sectors in which graduates of the Computer Science, Mathematics, Video Games and Cybersecurity degrees work the most. 

The speakers will give students advice on how to approach their professional career and what aspects they should take into account to face this exciting new stage. Some of the topics of these talks are oriented towards postgraduate degrees, how to carry out external internships or how to develop a professional career in the Public Administration, among others.  

The inscriptions with all the programming of the ETSII JobsDays and the schedules of the event can be consulted in this link.