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Friday March 18, 2022 at 07:30

University Spring arrives at the Faculty of Health Sciences

During March and April the University will have seminars, gatherings and scientific and cultural exhibitions. 

Alberto Gómez

Next Sunday, March 20, spring arrives, and as always, it comes with a bang. The increase in the hours with light, the increase in temperature and with it the growth of a large number of plants can positively influence our mood and our health. 

The Faculty of Health Sciences of the Rey Juan Carlos University is aware of this and has therefore organized the "University Spring". This event is made up of different activities in the health field, among which the events of World Health Day on April 7 will stand out. 

Within this event, the first activity was held on March 11: "Probiotics: marketing or science?". Taught by Eugenia Baena, professor of the Stomatology area, the seminar was a complete success that served to open this University Spring. Those present were able to learn first-hand the truths and lies that circulate about probiotics. 

On March 17, "Tertulias sobre vida university" took place, where the units of Culture, Green Office, Equality, Healthy University or Attention to People with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs were announced. Held in the Departmental Building II of the Alcorcón Campus, those registered were able to resolve their doubts about these units and even contribute new ideas. 

The exhibition "Tearing down the wall of health exclusion" will be located in the Exhibition Space of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Health Sciences Campus from March 28 to April 7. This exhibition, organized by Doctors of the World, aims to combat all diseases, including injustice. 

The main course, and the one that will close the University Spring, will be the commemorative events of World Health Day. On April 7, you will be able to participate in "Development cooperation and volunteering conferences: 25 years of URJC experiences", where Dr. Ángel Gil de Miguel and Miguel Ángel del Río will present the experience of the University in the world of volunteering. This day will also feature a round table in which a participatory workshop will be held to design volunteer proposals for Health Sciences students. 

To learn more about these activities or how to register for them, you will find all the information on the web page of the Faculty of Health Sciences.