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Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 07:30 p.m.

'I, never', the ArrojoScenico series

'I, never', the ArrojoScenico series 'I, never', the ArrojoScenico series

The URJC theater group premieres this production of independent 1-minute chapters, and which refers to things that the protagonists would never do and end up doing. 

Alberto Gómez 

The theater and the URJC is a union that, since 2001, the ArrojoScenico group has taken to its maximum expression with different productions. After the latest success of "Friends, relatives and other strangers", awarded at the Festival of the Spanish Federation of University Theater, the group has decided to launch "Yo, Nunca". 

From Friday 25 you can find this creation on Instagram (@cultura_urjc) and Twitter (@CulturaUrjc). "Me, never" has a main characteristic, and that is that its chapters are one minute long, and the plots are independent and associated that will be brought to light in small miniseries. As they tell us from ArrojoScenico, "the stories are connected by a common premise: all the plots refer to things that the protagonists say they would never do, although the series precisely describes how and when they did them." 

Almost all of these stories have a bitter aftertaste and it is that, as the URJC theater group reminds us, “it is very much in keeping with the times we live in”. The lack of empathy, the bond of friendship, the misunderstandings, the Ukraine Crisis, are some of the issues whose ending will always have a positive side. 

As "Friends, relatives and other strangers", this play will also have a theatrical version that will premiere a week later at the Josep Carreras Theater in Fuenlabrada. To find more information about "Yo, Nunca" or the theater group ArrojoScenico can be searched on social networks URJC Culture.