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Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 07:30 p.m.

An audiovisual contest raising awareness about the prevention of addictive behaviors

The URJC participates together with other universities and centers in the 'Addictions: Your Point of View' project. Participants have until May 25 to submit their proposals for different social networks such as YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. 


A new edition of the contest 'Addictions: your point of view' has arrived, with which university students from all over Spain can participate with their audiovisual and graphic proposals and opt for numerous prizes. The objective: to favor the processes of critical reflection and preventive messages about the risks of addictive behaviors and drug use; promoting peer-awareness messages on social media. 

This year the 'Tu Punto' programme, organized by the Association for Social Promotion and Development, has launched three contests, the eleventh video contest, the second Tik Tok contest and the second Instagram contest. The Rey Juan Carlos University participates with proposals that have been made by several students together with other university students and post-compulsory secondary education students (baccalaureate, training cycles and special regime education).   

For the video contest, with prizes of between €500 and €1.200, audiovisual proposals must have a maximum duration of two minutes. In the case of the Tik Tok Contest, the videos cannot exceed 30 seconds, credits aside. Regarding the prizes, for this modality there are three prizes of €700, €400 and €200. 

Finally, for the second Instagram Poster Contest there will be three prizes of €600, €400 and €200. All the proposals of the three contests must be related to the prevention of drugs or other addictive behaviors (online pathological gambling and online games of chance). More information in the websites of your point and in their social networks.