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Friday, April 29, 2022 at 07:25

Verifying a war in the information age

Next Wednesday, May 4, the workshop "Verifying a war: fact-checking and OSINT in the invasion of Ukraine" will take place at the Madrid-Argüelles campus. Organized by the URJC together with Maldita.es, it will address different issues related to disinformation and its impact on journalism during armed conflicts. 


The Rey Juan Carlos University, in collaboration with Maldita.es, launches a new workshop: "Verifying a war: fact-checking and OSINT in the invasion of Ukraine". During the event, the problem of misinformation and how it affects journalistic practice in times of conflict will be addressed. This workshop will take place on May 4 at 17:XNUMX p.m. on the Madrid-Argüelles campus, as part of the academic activities of the Master's Degree in Journalistic Investigation, New Narratives, Data, Fact-checking and Transparency.

As explained by the organizers of the event, the armed conflict in which Ukraine and Russia are immersed also supposes a war of disinformation. Being the first European war where social networks play an important role, corroborating the published content and guaranteeing its veracity is crucial. Through practical examples, basic notions of verification and OSINT will be offered to understand how this new professional profile fits into traditional media newsrooms. 

The workshop will feature renowned speakers in the news scene. Among them are Clara Jiménez Cruz, Co-founder and CEO of Maldita.es: Andrés Jiménez MacKellar, coordinator of Maldito Hoax at Maldita.es; and María Ángela Paone, reporter for eldiario.es. 

Registrations to participate in the activity are available through the following link