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Wednesday June 01, 2022 at 07:30

The second edition of 'Making Philosophy' begins

The Arjé Association organizes a new installment in which the speakers will be URJC students presenting their Final Degree Projects.

Alberto Gómez 

After the development and delivery of the Final Degree Project to the tutor, one of the key moments arrives, and it is the defense of the same before a court. In most Spanish universities, the presentation of the TFG is evaluated and influences between 10% and 25% of the grade for this subject. To demonstrate the knowledge learned and impress the Court, it is important to carry out this procedure well prepared. 

Today, June 1, different students will be closing the academic year and presenting their TFG in the Hall of Degrees of the Departmental Building of the Fuenlabrada Campus. Before they have to face their defense, the Arjé Association and the Philosophy Delegation of the URJC will give their students the opportunity to take a final test. 

"It is an occasion in which professors and students of the Degree in Philosophy meet outside the classroom to share our common interests in the aspects that we work on during the course" comment from the Delegation of Philosophy, and add that "it is an occasion to strengthen even more the fabric in the university community, between former students and current students of the Degree”. 

And it is that, as a novelty, this year there will be the exhibition of a Final Master's Project that was carried out by a former colleague of the Degree. In addition, this act is joined by the presence of Ignacio Sánchez Cámara, Professor and Coordinator of the Philosophy Area, who will act as master of ceremonies and will close the conference and the course. 

“It is an exceptional opportunity for colleagues to develop their passion for philosophy and research in a friendly environment that allows them to put together a reflection”, they declare from the Delegation. 

Those interested in the event will be able to attend in two ways: personal and telematic assistance, since as they say from the organization “the aim is to be accessible to everyone. To guarantee the maximum capacity of the event, prior registration will be necessary through this link