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Tuesday June 07, 2022 at 07:15

Tribute to José Luis López Vázquez, an essential figure in Spanish cinema

The Rey Juan Carlos University celebrates a conference dedicated to the Madrid actor with the presence of his son, José Luis López Magerus, and the director Pedro Olea.

Albert Rose

This 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of actor José Luis López Vázquez. On the occasion of this centenary, the FlixOlé-URJC Chair of Spanish Cinema organizes on June 8 and 9 a conference dedicated to the life and work of the Madrid interpreter.

Throughout more than six decades of profession, López Vázquez participated in hundreds of films with great success and acceptance by the public and critics. These conferences intend to address, in addition to his well-known facet as a comic actor, other genres such as drama and fantasy in which the actor excelled, giving unforgettable characters and a very personal way of approaching his job.

The days have a complete program that includes the screening of four of his best-known films: 'El little apartment', 'Atraco a las tres', 'El bosque del lobo' and 'Mi querida senorita'. In addition, the event will feature a round table that will provide the most emotional and human touch with two people who knew the actor well: his son, José Luis López Magerus, and the director Pedro Olea, with whom he worked on several occasions.

Mario Rajas, director of the FlixOlé-URJC Chair of Spanish Cinema, explains that the objective of these conferences is "to pay homage and value the qualities of an actor who played all kinds of roles, but always being himself and contributing particular elements ”.

Rajas reflects on the role of López Vázquez and his contribution to Spanish cinematography: “He is one of those iconic and representative character figures. He is one of those actors who have accompanied us throughout our lives and have managed to endow cinema with that comic and tragic aspect, as human beings”.

In another aspect, the professor highlights how universal many of the characters that the actor embodied are. “He played very local characters in the Spanish context, but who are also very universal. Internationally, he drew a lot of attention”, he says.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to point out the relevance of some of the themes dealt with in the films, as is the case of 'Mi querida senorita', the first film in Spain to address gender identity.

The activity is held on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 in the morning in the Hall of Degrees of the Madrid-Vicálvaro Campus. More information and registration in this link.