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Tuesday June 07, 2022 at 07:30

Alonso Becerril and Ignacio Muguiro analyze the role of fashion in the Metaverse

Alonso Becerril and Ignacio Muguiro analyze the role of fashion in the Metaverse Alonso Becerril and Ignacio Muguiro analyze the role of fashion in the Metaverse

Talking about the Metaverse today has become a trend, augmented reality is here to stay and position itself in different aspects of our lives. On this occasion, the Rey Juan Carlos University in its summer courses seeks to highlight and make a little more known about this world in a specific area: fashion.


For this seminar, the URJC joins forces with the pioneer school in design and new generation technology, 'la Tecnocreativa', which had already taken part in these courses. Last year he participated in the course 'Digital fashion, the future is already here'. It proposed an approach to the vision of fashion in the virtual world, the third dimension, animation and video games, something that this time will be extended to Metaverse and the creation of avatars.

Alonso Becerril, CEO of this school, together with the director and professor of Video Game Design and Development at URJC, Ignacio Muguiro, talk about the concerns they have had towards virtual fashion since its origins, "we have given a lot of attention to virtual worlds , of 3D simulations, where possibilities are now opening up for new markets for intangible goods, sales of fashion collections in NFT, among other things”.

The course will have a practical demonstration aspect and will be divided into 4 blocks. It will feature the initial presentation by Professor Rafael Pérez Arroyo, coordinator of the Degree in Fashion Design and Management at URJC.

Topics related to the history of virtual fashion will be addressed in the first block of time devoted to knowledge of digitization to the Metaverse in the fashion industry, which will feature Becerril and Muguiro as speakers, and then go into practice.

The virtualization workshop of a real character is expected to be one of the most interesting moments of the course with the creation of avatars and digital twins. A person will be taken as a model who will be scanned and, through a process, converted into his virtual double. This person may even have access to a closet, with clothing that, eventually, he could wear in the Metaverse.

"This will be a very interesting moment, both for those present and for the spectators who will have the opportunity to take the course in streaming due to the capacity." Says the director Ignacio Muguiro. Precisely, the course will be taught from the headquarters of Tecnocreativa, which has digital scanning and avatarization equipment.

Lawyers, NFT specialists and fashion experts

The course will be attended by speakers such as Isabel Pascual de Quinto, a lawyer who will talk about identity protection issues for avatars, copyright protection, the importance of caring for products and fashion brands in the Metaverse . Beatriz Ordovás, linked to the marketing market for intangible works of art, such as NFT and 3D, will also participate, and will speak from London.

Luis Sotillos, from the Novaterra consultancy, will speak as one of the pioneers of the Metaverse in Spain "He has been a very close person, he writes a lot about it and will give us a practical point of view of how he is right now and where everything from the Metaverse”, indicated Alonso Becerril.

Finally, the specialist in fashion software and with extensive experience in the field, Marina Picasso, director of CREA and A5 Project Group, will be present providing her experience for all students.

Students will also be able to acquire notions of some topics such as the relationship between virtual fashion and animation, the Metaverse as a new showcase, digital catwalks and business opportunities for fashion brands.

This course will be held at the Tecnocreativa headquarters on June 28 from 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. and is aimed at students taking Fashion and the double degrees of Fashion Design and Fine Arts or Integral Design. Those interested in fashion and the latest trends in the digital world can also attend.