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Wednesday June 08, 2022 at 11:13

The URJC collaborates with Maldita.es in "We want to know"

This talk, which will take place today, June 8, is organized by the Master's Degree in Journalistic Investigation, New Narratives, Data, 'Fact-Checking' and Transparency. Cases such as the GAL, Pegasus, CNI or telephone interventions will be addressed. 

Alberto Gómez 

From the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, together with the Maldita.es Foundation, a master's degree was launched whose ultimate goal is to train professionals for the new present. In this master's degree, students learn to investigate, verify and visualize the best news topics. To do this, the degree draws on the best journalists, researchers, reporters, developers and product managers.

Within the framework of the activities of this master's degree, an online talk has been organized on wiretapping, GAL and Pegasus in the Twichería, the Maldita.es program broadcast on Twitch. Today, June 8, at 13:00 p.m. they will shed light and knowledge on these issues in “We want to know”.

“Recurrently we know of cases in which surveillance, monitoring of activities and control by public authorities or other entities can cross the borders of legitimate use. Behind the GAL, Pegasus, CNI, and the telephone interventions there are still many unknowns and doubts to settle on”, comments Manuel Gértrudix, professor of Digital Communication at the Rey Juan Carlos University and co-director of the degree. 

From the hand of Yolanda Quintana, general secretary of the Platform for Freedom of Information (PLI), together with the professors of the degree Carles Tamayo, investigative journalist/youtuber'; Stéphane M. Grueso, specialist in cybersecurity and Antonio Rubio, investigative journalist and co-director of the postgraduate course, will learn everything that these issues hide. 

Gértrudrix, in relation to the objective of this talk, tells us that “the role of journalism is essential to guarantee the protection of fundamental rights, and in this exercise, it is essential to train to inform. We want to know expresses that will of the Cursed Foundation, and that we share, to claim a "journalism so that they don't slip it", to have an informed society that can decide on the basis of data and facts ". 

The event will be broadcast on the channel of Maldita.es on Twitch. It is aimed at students of Journalism and Communication, and other disciplines of Social Sciences. Manuel Gértrudix assures that it is “an opportunity to listen, first-hand, to the voice of experts from different fields that will allow us to gain in-depth knowledge of such relevant issues”.