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Friday June 10, 2022 at 07:30

First Official University Master's Degree in Health Communication in Ibero-America

With this degree, taught online, the URJC responds to a demand that this sector has had for years. 


Alberto Gómez 

Health Communication has been defined as the art and techniques to inform, influence and motivate the public on relevant health issues from the individual, community and institutional perspective. This has always been a relevant issue that has been consolidated during the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. Its vital, economic importance and its theoretical scope make this discipline key in the future. 

 For this reason, the Rey Juan Carlos University launches the Official Master's Degree in Health Communication. A Master designed jointly between professional experts and University professors and that is a great novelty in the Ibero-American field since it will be a pioneering degree. 

“Despite the fact that these studies have existed for a long time in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia and the United States, the gap in this professional and research specialty is hardly being opened in Spanish-speaking countries, and the URJC is at the forefront of launches”, says Luis M. Romero-Rodríguez, professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Sociology. 

The new bet of the Rey Juan Carlos University has external internship agreements both in companies and first-level organizations. On the other hand, the training activities will be attended by guest speakers who are experts on these topics, from companies and institutions such as Roche, Vithas, Asisa, LLYC, the Spanish Association Against Cancer, Telecinco, Bubblegum Health, Cícero, Cariotipo, et al. Pharma, San Rafael Hospital, BioPress, Comunideas, San Carlos Clinical Hospital, Gregorio Marañón Hospital, La Princesa Hospital, Humans Foundation, Spanish Association of Health Advertising and Communication Agencies (AEAPS), National Association of Health Informants (ANIS ), Spanish Private Health Alliance (ASPE) and Abril Abogados. 

When teaching classes, Luis M. Romero Rodríguez told us that "the online modality with intensive synchronous and asynchronous classes in the afternoon-evening hours will allow many professionals to combine their studies with their work, as well as will enable the participation of students from Latin America and the Caribbean”. 

The Master of Health Communication is aimed at professionals in Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations, as well as other graduates who wish to develop their career path in the field of Strategic Health Communication. 

As indicated by the degree program, the second phase pre-registration period for this title will be from June 15 to July 4, both inclusive, while the third pre-registration phase will be open from July 12 to September 5. 

To learn more about the Official University Master's Degree in Health Communication, you will find all the information and data in the Web page of the degree