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Friday June 10, 2022 at 07:20

The URJC, the second most interactive Spanish university

The Rey Juan Carlos University, together with the University of Murcia, lead the Wooclap ranking of the most interactive Spanish universities for the 2021/22 academic year.

Dária Efimova/Editor

Last Friday, June 3, Wooclap, the portal specialized in dynamic, personalized and collaborative education, published the ranking of the most interactive spanish universities of this academic year 2021/22. In this, the Rey Juan Carlos University occupies second place, surpassed only by the University of Murcia. 

Based on the number of Wooclap questions asked by teachers during the period, it evaluates the different pillars of learning, such as student attention and active audience engagement, among others. It recognizes and values ​​the work of teachers, who have made an effort to adapt their teaching methods, a difficult but necessary task. 

César Cáceres Taladriz, professor and Academic Director of the Center for Teaching Innovation and Digital Education at URJC, expresses the pride of the entire University team for reaching this position. “Students, especially those who are starting their degree now, demand a higher level of interactivity,” explains César. "We've been working hard to make tools like Wooclap, Kahoot and more available to the teaching team, and we're very proud to see that they're applying them in their classes." 

Wooclap: the importance of engaging students

The Wooclap platform was born with the aim of boosting teaching and taking advantage of the technological resources of the moment and boosting teaching. Its creators recognize that the attention span of the new generations (which decreases after ten minutes of active involvement) creates new educational needs, especially when it comes to ensuring student participation. 

Therefore, instead of defining new technologies (such as smartphones and tablets) as an enemy, they decided to transform them into a learning tool. To do this, it brings together researchers in neuroscience, pedagogical teachers and engineers with the aim of "developing functions that improve students' memorization and understanding".

Wooclap is currently available in 150 countries and has more than 1.000.000 instructors.