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Monday, June 27, 2022 at 07:25 p.m.

Five master's degrees from the URJC, among the best according to the 'ranking' of El Mundo

The different postgraduate degrees have occupied second, fourth, fifth, fifth and seventh places in the categories 'Environmental Impact', 'Specialized Computer Science', 'Tourism-Direction and Management' and 'Journalism', respectively.

Dária Efimova/Editor

In the labor panorama, postgraduate studies are becoming more and more relevant. Its approach to specialization, as well as a greater depth in terms of the professional field, are of great value, both for recent graduates and for companies and institutions. 

In order to identify the best postgraduate studies, the newspaper El Mundo produces a annual ranking annual where it announces the best university master's degrees for each academic year. In this 2022/2023 edition, four URJC postgraduate studies have been selected as outstanding in different categories. 

First of all, it highlights the Master of Ecosystem Restoration, which ranks 2nd in the 'Environmental Impact' branch. The high demand in relation to the offer of places, together with the awards and distinctions obtained by several graduates, give it great recognition within the sector. 

In the field of 'Specialized computing', in 4th position is the Master in Computer Graphics, Games and Virtual Reality, due to the outstanding research profile of its professors and its role as CEO of important companies in the sector. 

As for Social and Communication Sciences, two postgraduate studies stand out. The Master in 'International Tourism Management' it is in 5th position in the category of 'Tourism-Direction and management'. It offers students two itineraries related to this sector: tourism business management and tourism destination planning. 

The UAH-URJC interuniversity master's degree in Hydrology and Water Resources Management, this time, in the category of 'Environmental Management'. The newspaper highlights its teaching staff made up of specialized university teachers and professionals from organizations and companies in the sector.

Finally, the Master in Television Journalism ranks 7th in the 'Journalism' category. It trains students in the use of the most advanced audiovisual tools and in the writing and presentation of news.

About el ranking from the world

When preparing this ranking, 25 selection criteria have been analyzed, such as the demand for the master's degree, human resources and the material means available, among others. “It includes 250 postgraduate programs”, explains Diana Benito, Deputy Vice-Rector for Strategy, “selected from more than a thousand options, also taking into account the opinion of around 800 teachers and experts, as well as the opinion of former students and companies collaborators”. In this way, it forms a ranking comprehensive and representative.

According to Luis Cayuela Delgado, Postgraduate Vice-rector: "The fact that our master's degrees appear in this ranking It is a sign that we continue to work in the right direction. It shows that our university is a magnificent option to continue training after graduating”.

In addition to the master's degrees, the URJC has also achieved good results in the ranking of 'El Mundo' referring to university degrees. In particular, Occupational Therapy stands out, in which the Rey Juan Carlos University maintains its position as the best university to study this career. Other degrees, such as Tourism, Environmental Sciences, Physiotherapy and Advertising and Public Relations, have also obtained important recognition.