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Master in revenue management, business development and big data

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Basic Information


Since 2008, with the Title of Expert in Revenue Management, the Rey Juan Carlos University has become a leader and pioneer in Revenue Management training in Spain and Europe thanks mainly to the professional teaching staff that makes up the faculty, the internships in the best companies and the MR simulator handled by the students. In addition, the university is in the QS ranking, standing out among the 150 best universities in the world in Hotel Management.

The change of the title from Expert to Master is given by the current strategic and holistic conception of Revenue Management integrating with the Commercial, Marketing department that has originated in the companies of the tourism sector the Department of Business Development. However, most of the current directors of Business Development come from the area of ​​Revenue Management, but in many cases they lack commercial training. In this sense and to prepare these new professionals that the sector already demands, the Master in Revenue Management, Business Development and Big Data has been created, incorporating Marketing and Commercialization content into Revenue Management content.

Some important milestones that support us:

  • The Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation and the hotel chain Nh Hotel Group have been the main partners of the Revenue Management Programs since the beginning.
  • In 2012, British Airways requested to teach content and recruit students who had completed the degree.
  • Melia Hotels International and Nh has been recruiting our students at the beginning of the course for four years.
  •  Infojobs already in 2014 referred to the URJC as the university where most of the directors of Revenue Management in our country had been trained.
  • We have given training in Revenue Management in Official Masters in other Spanish universities and hotel associations, etc. 
  • We have published the first Revenue Management manual in Spanish. 
  • We have published academic articles in the most prestigious journals in this area (Journal of Pricing and Revenue Management; Journal or Tourism and Hospitality Management, etc.).
  • We have held important conferences and seminars, one of the last ones brought together more than 3.000 professionals. 
  • And above all the high employability of our students




Module 1. Revenue Management

· Fundamentals and RM application.

· Introduction to MR with a brief summary of the discipline, the different facets to cover throughout the course".

· Segmentation: RM by market segment.

· Revenue Management tools.

· CRM.

· Implementation of the Revenue Management Action Plan.

· Organization: The RM in the organization - Job Description and Reporting.

· Recruitment strategy in Business Travel.

Module 2. Economics Applied to Revenue Management

· Macroeconomics, microeconomics, Business Economics

Hotel and tourism market

Module 3. Accounting and Finance applied to Revenue Management

P&L, effect on earnings

· Valuation of Hotels. Impact on stock market returns

Module 4. Forecasting

· Introduction to FC, Unconstrained demand, LR value, etc.

· FC levels, FC impact, FC processes, FC ingredients, difference by type of hotel, Automation, systems, Group RM, etc.

Forecast control

· Practical application of Forecasts

Module 5. Benchmarking

Market share

· Marketing, market research, SWOT; etc

· Competitive pricing / Hotelligence 360

· Competitive positioning (P/Q)

P&L Benchmarking

Module 6. Distribution and Revenue Management

· Introduction to distribution

Channel Management: Rate Parity + Channel Management

· Distribution channels: Tour Operation -RM Strategies with TTOO

· Distribution channels: Opaque Rates

Importance of direct channels: creating a direct sales strategy


· The Impact of Social Media and Social Networks in Distribution

· Distribution channels: Importance of OTAS and impact on RM management


· Creating a commercial relationship with the OTAS

Module 7. Organization and leadership

· Teamwork

· Presentation skills / Motivation and leadership

Module 8. Pricing

· Pricing: development of price strategy per segment

· Pricing: positioning techniques

· Pricing in luxury products

Module 9. Big Data / Business Intelligence

· Data analysis applied to the hotel sector

· Advanced Excel

Module 10. Sales Management



Module 11. Total Revenue Management

F&B, Banquet

Module 12. Application of Revenue Management in other businesses

· Application of RM to other industries: meeting space, restaurants, railways, cruises

Module 13. Business Development

  • Trade Marketing Strategy
  • Trade Portfolio Definitions
  • destination marketing
  • Commercial network management by markets and accounts
  • Business CRM Tools
  • commercial organization

Module 14. Coaching: Career Orientation Service

· will contribute to developing a plan for the professional future, with the options in the field of RM, the paths they can take. How to best use your strengths, including identifying companies, roles, goals, and developing a strategy to accelerate your RM careers.

Master Thesis project

· RevSim Revenue Management Simulation Program

External internships

· Tutoring and Evaluation External practices.


Title aimed, mainly, at professionals in the tourism sector and Diplomas / Graduates / Graduates, who wish to specialize in Revenue Management.

To study this title it is necessary to be in possession of a Bachelor / Diploma or Graduate degree. Students in the 4th year of the degree course are also allowed to take this course, in the absence only of the Final Degree Project or accrediting professional experience.

Places are limited, so the selection will be made based on the CV and/or academic record.

Possibility Scholarships CEHAT Members and NH employees.

Academic Management and Faculty

Direction of RM Programs:

  • Dr. Dª. Crossbow Heel Pillar. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (See CV)
  • Mr. Fernando Vives. Chief Commercial Officer. NH Hotel Group (See CV)

Professional coordination of RM Programs:

  • D. Antonio Gil. Director of Revenue Management. Hotel Melia Castilla ( See CV)
  • Ms. María Dolores Flecha. Responsible Simulator Game (RevSim) ( See CV)

Academic coordination of RM Programs:

  • Dr. Lydia González. King Juan Carlos University.

Academic Secretariat of the RM Programs:

  • Gema Gazo Moya.


  • Mr. Fernando Vives. Chief Commercial Officer, NH Hotel Group. Director Expert Course RM. (See CV)
  • Dr. Dª. Talon Pillar. Professor / Researcher, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. RM Expert Course Director. (See CV)
  • D. Antonio Gil. Director of Revenue Management, Hotel Meliá Castilla. Professional Coordinator Expert Course RM. (See CV)
  • Mr. Ramón Estalella. Secretary General, Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation. (See CV)
  • Mr. Rodrigo Moscardó, Chief Operations Officer, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts. (See CV)
  • Mr. Miguel Afan, Partner at Simon & Kucher. (See CV)
  • Mrs. Lucie Chmelikova. Expert Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). (See CV)
  • Mrs. Gloria Lopez. Head of Revenue Management at Lopesan, Brain Trust. (See CV)
  • Mrs. Elga Castro. Senior Director of Revenue Management South Europe, NH Hotel Group ( See CV)
  • Mr. Eduardo Yunta. Director of Business Development, Nh Hotel Group. (See CV)
  • Mrs. Patricia Diana Jens. IDeaS Revenue Solutions. (See CV)
  • D. Justo Julia. Financial Controller, Marriott International. (See CV)
  • Mr. José Ignacio Sánchez. Director Hotels and Leisure, Braint Trust (See CV)
  • Mrs. Clara Solar. Social Media Strategist, Praise. (See CV)
  • D.Neville Isaac. Chief Customer Officer, Beonprice. (See CV)
  • Mrs. Mercedes Sanchez. Senior Principal Client Partner, Hotels, TripAdvisor. (See CV)
  • Mr. Marc Abel. Director Revenue Management, Ona Hotels. (See CV)
  • Mrs. Carmen Alvarez. Senior Manager Analytics, Teva Pharma. (See CV)
  • Mr. Diego Fernández Pérez de Ponga. Corporate Director Revenue and Distribution, Palladium Hotel Group (See CV)
  • Mr. Javier Espinosa. CEO and Co-founder at Dynameat (See CV)
  • Mrs. Janneke Messiaen. Senior Director of Distribution, Commercial Systems & Services, NH Hotels Group. (See CV)
  • Mr. Manuel García Blanco. Coach trainer, Institute of Coaching and Humanistic Therapy.
  • Mr. Oscar Grau. Commercial Director Business Travel, NH Hotel Group
  • Mr Neil James. Chief Operations Officer, ReviewPro. (See CV)
  • D. Cori Inti Galindo. Regional Commercial Director, NH Hotel Group (See CV)
  • D. Diego Fernandez. Consultant, The Right Balance Hospitality Consulting. (See CV)
  • Mrs. Judith Guemes. Vice President CRM & Loyalty, Nh Hotel Group. (See CV)
  • D. Luis Beltran. Global VP Performance Marketing, Nh Hotel Group (See CV)
  • Mr. Javier Serrano. Founder & CEO at Sports Industry Research (See CV)
  • Mrs. Julia King. Head of ContentMarketing, beonprice. (See CV)
  • D. Juan Magaz. Vice President Revenue Management, Renfe. (See CV)
  • Mr. Alessio Di Gaetano. Director Of Revenue Management Performance, NH Hotel Group. (See CV)
  • Dr. D. Jesus Palomo. Professor / Researcher, Rey Juan Carlos University. (See CV)
  • Dr. Dª. Cristina Figueroa Domecq. Professor / Researcher, Rey Juan Carlos University (See CV)
  • Dr. Dª. Maria Dolores Arrow. Professor / Researcher, King Juan Carlos University. (See CV)
  • Dr. Cristina Soguero Ruiz /Researcher, King Juan Carlos University. (See CV)
  • Dr. Sergio Muñoz Romero / Researcher, King Juan Carlos University.
  • Dr. José Luis Rojo / Researcher, King Juan Carlos University. (See CV)

Duration and development

Place of realization: King Juan Carlos University. Madrid Campus (Manuel Becerra)

Duration: 227 teaching hours (60 ECTS credits). Hours of face-to-face classes from October 19, 2022 to April 2023. Ends on September 30.

Hours: From Wednesday to Friday from 18:21 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Reservation of place and enrollment


Pre-registration period:  June 2022 – October 12, 2022

Enrollment deadline: October 12, 2022 – October 24, 2022

Start date: 26th October 2022

Ends: May 12th 2023

Title price: €5900
Scholarship possibilities for CEHAT members and NH employees.

The registration payment can be made in a single payment or divided into three installments.

  • 1st payment (before the start of the course): 40% of the registration discounting the amount paid in the pre-registration. €2.260
  • 2nd payment (second month of the beginning of the course): 30% of the registration discounting the amount paid in the pre-registration. €1.695
  • 3rd payment (third month from the beginning of the course): 30% of the registration discounting the amount paid in the pre-registration. €1.695

The first payment is a bank receipt, the second and third payment is direct debit.

No. of Places: 30

The start of the course is conditioned to the minimum number of students enrolled.

Pre-registration: €250. This amount is included in the total cost of the course and will be returned if your academic request is not accepted. If, once the student's application has been admitted, the enrollment is not formalized, the amount deposited for pre-enrolment will not be returned.

Our training programs can be subsidized through the State Foundation (FUNDAE).


Documentation to attach, forms and place of delivery

The documentation that the applicants will have to submit is the following:

  • National Identity Document or Passport.
  • Title accrediting your studies
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Photocopy of the bank transfer made in the pre-registration (250 euros)
  • In case of requesting the Scholarship from the Hotel Confederation, a letter must be uploaded from the Director of the Hotel or Chain that belongs to CEHAT certifying that the student requesting the scholarship is an employee of the hotel or chain.
  • Responsible Declaration of Veracity of the Data Provided in Digital Format (document that we attach) (DOCUMENT)

Only in the event that the documentation is delivered to one of the URJC Registries, they must attach 2 copies of the pre-registration made online, one of the copies will be stamped as proof of delivery by registration.

* To obtain the two copies of the registration made online, you must print your application https://miportal.urjc.es/GestionSolicitudes/loginUsuarios.jsp with your username and password retrieve your data and print the sheets.

For more information on URJC Registries: https://www.urjc.es/estudiar-en-la-urjc/admision/1062-unidades-y-servicios-centrales#información-y-registro-general