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Wednesday June 29, 2022 at 11:00

ELLIS expands further: a new unit in Madrid is added to the network

El European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) has added another unit to its network of excellence: The ELLIS Madrid Unit - an alliance of professors and researchers from the six public universities of the Community of Madrid - is, as of today, the thirty-fifth ELLIS Unit in Europe and the second in Spain.

The six universities are: Autonomous University of Madrid, Carlos III University of Madrid, Complutense University of Madrid, University of Alcalá, Polytechnic University of Madrid and King Juan Carlos University (URJC). Under the leadership of the Director of the Unit, Pedro Larrañaga, and the Co-Director, Concha Bielza, both from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the members of this unit have come together to connect their experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) with the ELLIS network, and create a new research environment that attracts outstanding international talent to the Madrid region. Participating on behalf of the URJC are the researchers Antonio G. Marqués and José Luis Rojo, Professors of Signal Theory and Communications and experts in the fields of data processing, signal processing and deep learning and their application to the fields of graph theory, smart networks and biomedical information.

"The proposal brings together six universities from Madrid, each with distinct strengths. This effort will further consolidate the AI ​​ecosystem in that region and boost Spain's role as a key contributor towards a multi-centre beacon for European AI. We are delighted to give welcome to Madrid to the ELLIS family", highlights the president of ELLIS, Bernhard Schölkopf.

ELLIS is a pan-European network of excellence in AI founded in 2018 that wants to ensure that the highest level of research in modern AI can be carried out in Europe's open societies. The ELLIS Units bring together the best AI researchers from different locations in Europe and meet a series of strict criteria to ensure excellence and a maximum level of international competitiveness.

"We hope that the ELLIS Madrid Unit will become an open innovation ecosystem for the creation and consolidation of an environment based on machine learning in Madrid. Being part of the ELLIS network is a great milestone for us, which will allow us to collaborate with other ELLIS units, as well as promoting synergies between the academic world and technology companies in the region," says Pedro Larrañaga, professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

"The ELLIS Madrid Unit aims to promote high-impact excellence research, knowledge transfer and industrial innovation. Probabilistic graphical models, Bayesian statistics, statistical learning theory, time series, signal processing and Quantum computing are the core specialties of the ELLIS Madrid Unit, enriched by application areas such as biometrics, computer vision, health, renewable energy and climate, as well as robotics and intelligent vehicles", adds Concha Bielza , Professor of Statistics and Operations Research.

The Community of Madrid has approved, within its strategic plan for promoting R&D&I and strengthening the Madrid System of Universities, Science and Innovation, to support the development of the ELLIS Madrid Unit for at least the next five years. 

A new magnet for international machine learning talent

The ELLIS Madrid Unit will focus on the development of innovative and interpretable causal machine learning methods based on probability theory for dynamic scenarios (longitudinal, temporal, data flows). Its members aim not only to conduct world-class research in methodological and applied machine learning, but also to develop excellent training programs for future leaders in this field. Located in the vibrant region of Madrid, which is home to numerous companies and startups, the unit also plans to establish long-term projects with the industry to attract international talent.