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Monday, July 18, 2022 at 12:55

The URJC, host of the event on teaching innovation organized by Wooclap

The URJC, host of the event on teaching innovation organized by Wooclap The URJC, host of the event on teaching innovation organized by Wooclap

The Rey Juan Carlos University has hosted the event 'Talks on the future of teaching innovation' held on the 12th at the Madrid-Quintana headquarters.


The vice-rector for Digital Transformation and Teaching Innovation of the URJC, Alberto Sánchez, and the director of the Center for Teaching Innovation and Digital Education (CIED), César Cáceres, inaugurated this conference, which was a meeting place for different Spanish universities. During the event, those responsible for teaching innovation and professors shared experiences on educational innovation and created a space for reflection on the future of university teaching.

The CIED Program Coordinators, Irene Ros Martín, from Teaching Innovation, José Luis López Bastías, from Pedagogical Development, and Oriol Borrás Gené, from Educational Technologies, opened the day with the talk Teaching innovation plan: use of technologies to boost learning classroom at the Rey Juan Carlos University. During it, the URJC's clear commitment to teaching innovation was valued through the Educational Innovation Plan, whose objective is to promote the processes of updating, renewal and continuous improvement of the quality of university teaching, and the framework of the Calls for Teaching Innovation Groups and Educational Innovation Projects of the URJC.

Likewise, the CIED was presented as a service through which the actions of the Plan are channeled and which seeks to promote the acquisition of Digital Teaching Competence, the promotion of active methodologies and the use of the Virtual Classroom and the tools and platforms offered by the URJC. , among other goals.

In this sense, the integration in the Virtual Classroom of different interactive content creation tools such as H5P, Genially or Wooclap was highlighted. This allows encouraging the use of the different integrated platforms, avoiding the dispersion of platforms for the student, promoting the use of institutional tools, facilitating access with an institutional account (single sign-on) and the synchronization of actions and results with Moodle.

Training is essential for the objective of encouraging the use of active methodologies and digital tools. In relation to Wooclap, it can be highlighted how in 2020, when a pilot for the integration of this tool in the Virtual Classroom was still being worked on, the webinar for PDI "Use of Wooclap to make surveys and questionnaires live" took place, whose recording is on TV URJC. Likewise, within the III Teaching Innovation Week of the URJC, held in November 2021 and dedicated on this occasion to evaluation, the workshop "Tools for evaluating" took place at the III Educational Innovation Workshops of the URJC, in which the use of Wooclap and H5P as tools for learning evaluation was approached in a practical way. To all this is added different training material in Infotic (infotic.urjc.es).

Second most interactive Spanish university

Recently, the Rey Juan Carlos University ranked second in the Wooclap ranking of the most interactive Spanish universities during the 2021-2022 academic year, after the University of Murcia, "an achievement that demonstrates the great effort and desire of the URJC faculty in their digital transformation to improve teaching”, as Vice-Rector Alberto Sánchez has pointed out.

Since the integration of this tool in the URJC Virtual Classroom, there have been more than 600 active teachers in Wooclap and more than 5.000 events created with almost a million and a half responses from students.

Other Spanish universities that have also opted for teaching innovation to improve the quality of teaching-learning processes participated in the conference, such as the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Carlos III University of Madrid, the University of Valladolid, the University Francisco de Vitoria and the Comillas Pontifical University.