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Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 16:33 p.m.

Successful call for the theater workshop

More than 90 students from the Rey Juan Carlos University have registered for the Theater Workshop organized by the Office of the Vice President for Campus Community, Culture and Sport at the Fuenlabrada and Vicálvaro campuses, two days after enrollment was opened

Inigo Nunez Escobar 

Last Tuesday, September 20, registration was opened for the Theater Workshop for the 2022/23 academic year, organized by the URJC Vice-Rector for Campus Community, Culture and Sports. The workshop sessions last 4 hours and take place one day a week from Monday to Thursday in the morning or afternoon shift, with a total of 56 hours taught and a price of €30 for the entire course. In addition, 2 credits are recognized for students who attend the workshop. 

Since the registration period opened, more than 90 URJC students have registered, with the most popular shifts being those from Fuenlabrada, three of which are on the waiting list. 

For Elena Díaz, head of the University Extension Service, theater classes are lifelong learning. “They help you get along in public and deal with other people. In addition, the students acquire a commitment and learn to be more responsible and empathetic”, she explains. 

The registration period is open until the workshops begin. must be done through this form


The program can be consulted at: http://laualteatro.blogspot.com/p/cursos.html