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Monday, September 26, 2022 at 09:00

The URJC hosts the 'I National Congress The LONG COVID Experience', in Alcorcón

The Rey Juan Carlos University, together with the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists, organized the 'I National Congress The LONG COVID Experience' on September 23 to deal with the long-term consequences of COVID-19.

Núria Ripoll

The LONG-COVID-EXP-CM project represents one of the few multicenter studies that provides a large population of COVID-19 survivor patients, from different hospitals in the Community of Madrid, with long-term longitudinal follow-up and an approach interdisciplinary.

For a whole day, the Alcorcón assembly hall hosted health professionals who discussed persistent COVID-19, its clinical, biological, molecular and genetic aspects. All this with the aim of creating and putting into operation the first post-COVID interdisciplinary unit in a Public University of the Community of Madrid.

The inauguration was carried out by Carmen Gallardo Pino, dean of the URJC Faculty of Health Sciences, Visitación López Miranda, vice-rector for research, and Fernando Ramos Gómez, president of the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists (AEF), who gave the welcome to the attendees, highlighting that "this event was born as a response to a disease with a real and urgent need to help patients who have suffered from COVID-19, this Congress will contribute to standardizing the criteria for action in clinical practice, and incorporate the patient's experience throughout the entire care process”. At his side, the dean of the Professional College of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid, Aurora Araujo Narváez, pointed out that "Congresses like the ones we are celebrating here today show that they have worked well, quickly, solutions have been given to citizens and We have been at the height of events”.

The event, with a total of 11 speakers and a high number of attendees, addressed COVID from three points of view: physiotherapy, the media and medicine, through presentations that took place until 18:30 p.m. last Friday, when the LONG-COVID-EXP-CM closed.

In addition to the URJC and the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists, organizing entities, the Professional College of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, and the Higher Sports Council have also participated.