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Tuesday, November 08, 2022 at 09:38

Meeting of PlatCom and young researchers in Vicálvaro

Meeting of PlatCom and young researchers in Vicálvaro Meeting of PlatCom and young researchers in Vicálvaro

The event will put journals in the communication area in contact with future researchers to understand the process of publication and scientific production. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

This Thursday, November 10, the Madrid campus of the URJC hosts a meeting between various scientific communication journals and young researchers. Mainly, the public to which it is addressed are doctoral students who are starting their program and want to know the scientific editorial process, although the registration they are open to everyone.  

The event is organized by the index.communication magazine, attached to the Rey Juan Carlos University, which since 2022 has assumed the presidency of the association PlatCom. This is a platform that brings together various scientific communication journals throughout the national territory.  

The day will begin at 9 in the morning and will be a meeting point between PlatCom member journals and new researchers who want to start publishing. "The objective is to generate synergies between these young people who are beginning their research career and the association's journals, to see the processes that must be followed in order to publish," says Belén Puebla, director of the journal index.comunciación. “When you are young and you start to investigate, sometimes you go a little blind and, even if you have a very good investigation, you do not know how to put it all on paper. This meeting aims to resolve these concerns to start making a resume, ”she adds. 

In this way, researchers will be able to see what criteria the journals demand, what the main lines of research are or what the publication system of an article is like. The journals, for their part, will see what the future looks like for researchers, what they are specializing in and what are the hot topics. Mainly, "the meeting will discuss the main curiosities and possibilities to get a scientific article right and make it a success, and get it published in a high-impact journal," explains Puebla.  

The number of registrants for the event amounts to 300 people, which the index team considers "a complete success". In addition, the format of the event is both face-to-face and hybrid, which has allowed several universities from Galicia, Andalusia and other territories further away from Madrid, to attend and be part of it.  

The key point of the meeting will be to see the structure and functioning of a scientific journal and the evaluation criteria that are carried out to publish in it. “For this, we will have a person from ANECA who will explain how to do a good race and pass the accreditation systems. In addition, we will see the most important aspects of good practice, the figure of the reviewer and the issue of plagiarism”, says Puebla. Finally, the event will have a networking space, where representatives of the journals and young researchers will be able to talk face to face and see if their work fits. The full program is available at the following link: PlatCom meeting and young researchers

This first meeting between journals and researchers aims to be the first of many to be held in the future, since, according to Belén Puebla, "the intention is to carry out actions and activities that make the PlatCom association known beyond the circle of journals . Another initiative that we have in mind is to celebrate another meeting with already consolidated researchers to see ways to improve the dynamics of publication and indexing of journals”.