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Friday, November 11, 2022 at 07:00

Six years of Animal Assisted Interventions

Six years of Animal Assisted Interventions Six years of Animal Assisted Interventions

The '5th Conference on Animal Assisted Interventions' reviews, together with collaborating institutions, the programs promoted by the Office of Animal Assisted Interventions (OIAA) of the URJC.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

More than 40 programs in six years. That will be the content of the journey that the OIAA has organized for this Monday, November 14 at the Alcorcón campus. The objective of the Conference is "to talk about all the programs that we have launched from the OIAA of the Rey Juan Carlos University", explains Israel González, director of the Office.

The conference will include the participation of representatives of institutions such as organizations with which the OIAA has launched the different programs. You will be able to hear the perspective of hospital services, educational institutions and associations that carry out projects with the Office.

"Since the creation of the Office, more than forty programs have been launched in different institutions such as hospitals, educational centers or residences and numerous agreements have been signed with both public and private administrations."

Among these programs we can mention the work on eating behavior disorder (ED), the adaptation period of boys and girls in schools, or the work on the approach to autism spectrum disorder, among many others.

Holding this 5th edition means, in the words of Israel González, "the consolidation of this pioneering project of the URJC within the activity of the vice-rectorate for Quality and Strategy and fully committed to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and in line with the approach of the University Social Responsibility”.

An opportunity to learn first-hand about a series of projects carried out at the university that have a real impact on people's lives.