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Monday, November 14, 2022 at 13:34 p.m.

Elections to Delegate and Sub-delegate of the group

Elections to Delegate and Sub-delegate of the group Elections to Delegate and Sub-delegate of the group

The Rey Juan Carlos University opens the term to present the candidacies in a process that will end on December 5. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

Deans and Directors of the different Faculties and Schools of the Rey Juan Carlos University have called Elections for the appointment of Group Delegates. The calendar for this call will be as follows: November 16, 17 and 18 the different candidates will be presented and on the 21st the list of admitted and excluded candidates will be published. The 22nd and 23rd will be reserved for claims and on the 24th the definitive list of those admitted to elections will be presented. Voting will take place on November 29 and the provisional results will be published on November 30. On December 5, after the appropriate claims, the elected candidates will finally be announced.  

Voting will take place through an electronic participation system on the election platform. Likewise, all the documentation related to the electoral process must be formalized by the Telematics Platform enabled on the URJC website for the present electoral process. 

According to Javier Rodríguez, general coordinator of URJC Students, the role of delegate "is a fundamental figure for the proper functioning of the university". Apart from representing his classmates and talking to teachers, “he transmits any problem or suggestion to the grade coordinators. In this way, it is the first echelon of student representation and the base on which the entire system is built”.  

For these elections to have the best results, something fundamental is to motivate the students to present themselves as candidates. The Vice President for Students, Almudena López, points out that the goal of the Vice President is to motivate students and improve the relationship they have with the university. To do this, from this body, they have organized the "I Training Conference on student representation" at the end of November, in collaboration with the Student Council. The purpose of this conference is to publicize the work of the student representatives and attract all those interested to deepen their activity or to join it for the first time. 

Similarly, if we look at the participation in recent years, "we see that the representation has grown quite a bit," according to Javier Rodríguez. “In the last elections, there were more than 950 group delegates and sub-delegates throughout the University. However, despite the fact that it is an excellent figure, our ultimate goal is that all groups at the university have their own delegate”, indicates Rodríguez.  

Finally, Javier Rodríguez wanted to point out the role of the Student Council and the Faculty and School delegates, "which is being essential to spread the importance of participating in student representation". The Deanships and Directions of Faculty and School are also doing an excellent job in order to achieve this objective.