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Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 12:55

The URJC, the number 1 university in transparency in Spain

The URJC, the most transparent university in Spain The URJC, the most transparent university in Spain

The Rey Juan Carlos University is the most transparent and the only university in the country that has met 100% of the evaluation criteria required in the latest report from the 'Fundación Haz' (formerly 'Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia), positioning itself as number 1 among public and private universities in Spain.

Raúl García Hémonnet/Editor

The commitment to transparency of the URJC bears fruit. The Rey Juan Carlos University, according to the Haz Foundation, has been improving its university transparency in recent years to achieve the first national position. It is the only university that meets 100% of the 54 indicators chosen by this body to measure university transparency in 2021. These 54 indicators collect relevant information in relation to the strategic plan of each university, in relation to its teaching and research staff , its academic offer and demand, the employability of its graduates and its position in the rankings, among other aspects.

The score of the Rey Juan Carlos University (100%) is higher than the average for public universities, which stands at 86% compliance. The Rey Juan Carlos University is the only public university that has obtained 100% compliance this year, having thereby obtained the T seal with three stars awarded by the Haz Foundation.


According to those responsible for the Haz Foundation, the URJC has even managed to respond to the new demands of the Social Council area that were recently included in the second generation of reports that were published as of 2019, in order to reinforce practices good governance at the university and, specifically, the operation and accountability of the Board of Trustees.

As Diana Benito, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Strategy, explains, "Rey Juan Carlos University has been improving its university transparency in recent years, having carried out demanding work and managing to go from the 26 indicators met in 2015 to the current 54".

According to Rector Javier Ramos, “this is a collective effort, an institutional commitment worth fighting for. We will continue to render accounts to society in a clear and transparent manner”.