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Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 07:00

The URJC participates in the Smart Energy Congress & EXPO

The URJC participates in the Smart Energy Congress & EXPO The URJC participates in the Smart Energy Congress & EXPO

The University's proposal focuses on solutions for issues related to ICTs, energy efficiency, intelligent transport and entrepreneurship. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

Rey Juan Carlos University is present at the Smart Energy Congress & EXPO, SEC 2022, held at the North Convention Center - IFEMA in Madrid. The event takes place on November 16 and 17.  

The SEC 2022 Congress: "Digital innovation at the service of energy competitiveness" gives several specialized companies the opportunity to offer innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. All this through technology and digitization applied to cities, industries, the energy sector or data centers.  

The objective of this meeting, as explained by Mar Gómez Zamora, a member of the Center for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Knowledge (CINTTEC), "is to share the latest technological trends, challenges and opportunities within the thematic areas of energy, innovation, sustainability and digitization”. 

The Vice President for Innovation, through the Innovation Unit and the Campus of Excellence of the URJC, exhibits the technological offer of the University at stand number 15, within the EXPO zone of the Congress. According to Gómez, “companies come here and we tell them about the technological services we offer. Sometimes we not only talk about it, but people come asking about the different University services, such as internships”.  

Specifically, "the Rey Juan Carlos University has shown its commitment to the most current environmental, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility policies," Gómez specifies. With this, yesterday Wednesday the 16th, the researcher Marin Lujak presented Agrobots, an intelligent transport research project that applies algorithms and artificial intelligence to the agricultural sector. Lujak is a member of the Research Center for Intelligent Information Technologies and their Applications (CETINIA) of the Rey Juan Carlos University.  

For her part, Professor Carmen de Pablos Heredero moderated yesterday the round table on “Corporate Entrepreneurship as a Mechanism to Address the Challenges of the Energy Transition”. In it, the participants shared visions, experiences and strategies in terms of entrepreneurship from the perspective of large corporations such as Vodafone or Enagás. The table ended with a round of conclusions.  

The Rey Juan Carlos University, in its clear commitment to the development of research related to ICTs for energy efficiency, leads the strategic project Campus Excellence International (CEI) "Smart Energy". This is part of the 2015 University Strategy of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.  

Specifically, the CEI project is based on two areas of important scientific, social and economic relevance: bioenergy and smart infrastructures.  

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