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Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 11:50

Social responsibility in the university and the company

Social responsibility in the university and the company Social responsibility in the university and the company

Starting at 10:00 a.m. and until 17:45 p.m., in the classroom of department II of the Móstoles campus, the first conference on Social Responsibility of the URJC will be held

Núria Ripoll

The Social Responsibility of an organization is the commitment to maximize its positive impacts and minimize the negative ones, both internally and in its social and environmental environment. Despite the fact that the concept has a business origin, its development has spread to all kinds of organizations, including universities.

The main objective pursued by carrying out this seminar, explains Luis Giménez, academic director of University Social Responsibility, is “to publicize what our university does in terms of social responsibility. We have many units and services at the URJC that work every day for more than just professional training for students, but unfortunately some of them are not known.”

The day will be divided into two parts. In the morning, it will be known how the URJC is addressing University Social Responsibility, and the initiative launched by several Spanish universities in the face of the refugee crisis caused by the war in Ukraine at the hands of its protagonists. In addition, an overview of the units and services of the URJC that have been grouped under the umbrella of University Social Responsibility will be provided: Green Office, Equality Unit, Diversity Unit, Development Cooperation and Volunteer Unit, Healthy University Program, Office of Service Learning, and Office of Animal Assisted Interventions.

The second part of the day will focus on the initiative of various Spanish universities in the face of the refugee crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. Through a round table, four Ukrainian professors and researchers hosted by different public universities will explain the difficulties they have faced in recent months. After a brief break, artificial intelligence in the field of social responsibility will be addressed. And in the afternoon, socially responsible research will be discussed, with companies and organizations from sectors such as artificial engineering, journalism, health or renewable energy.

“As an organization, we have the commitment not only to provide a quality education, but also to ensure that students and workers enjoy physical and emotional well-being, that there are no gender inequalities or discrimination based on sexual, ethnic or cultural identity, or awakening interest and reduce our environmental impact” explains Giménez. “It is important that both the students and the workers of the URJC know that the university is not only a place of study or work. The University offers many opportunities for personal growth and social involvement. It is about getting to know each other and participating. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that social responsibility should not come only from the institution, but personally from each one" concludes by saying the academic director of RSU.

For more information about this initiative you can visit their website urjc2030.es or their social networks: @rsu_urjc on Twitter and rsu_urjc on Instagram.