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Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 07:00 p.m.

Archaeology, a transdisciplinary subject

Archaeology, a transdisciplinary subject Archaeology, a transdisciplinary subject

The Area of ​​Archeology and Laboratory of Arts and Humanities of the URJC organizes an international seminar to address the different methodologies of archaeological investigations at the hands of various experts. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

Today, Thursday March 23, the International Seminar 'Territory and society: a transdisciplinary approach' is being held on the Fuenlabrada campus.

The event is organized by the high-performance research group HASTHGAR of the URJC, the Archeology and Digital Humanities Laboratory (ARQUEOURJC) and the Vice-Rector's Office for Community, Campus, Culture and Sports of the same university.   

According to what Irene Salinero Sánchez and Diana Morales Manzanares, directors of the Seminar, tell us, "the event is planned to show the lines of research that we have been maintaining from the Archeology Area." After the pandemic break, this is an opportunity to "bring together relevant researchers on the subject, with the aim of making students aware of the work and projects outside our university," the professors point out.  

Both Salinero and Morales are professors in the area of ​​Archeology at the URJC, and both point out "the transdisciplinary characteristic of this discipline, which attends to many perspectives and historical periods and often uses different methodologies." That is why, from the organization of the congress, they wanted to "show how in archaeology, although working from different chronological areas, the same subject is often being studied and for this reason they should work together, following the same methodology", they note.  

Consequently, Salinero and Morales have invited various researchers from other universities to explain their projects and perspectives; specifically, the UC3M and the University of Padua, in addition to having several experts from the CSIC.  

Both professors are "really happy with the great reception that the Seminar has had, with more than 60 registrations." The venue for the event is the Salón de Grados in the departmental building I of the Fuenlabrada campus.  

The complete program of the Seminar can be consulted through the following link: International Seminar 'Territory and society: a transdisciplinary approach'