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Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 14:27 p.m.

A team from the URJC wins the I Seguros Santa Lucía university Hackathon

A team from the URJC wins the I Seguros Santa Lucía university Hackathon A team from the URJC wins the I Seguros Santa Lucía University Hackathon

The combination has designed an innovative mental health insurance for potential clients belonging to generation 'Z'

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

Last weekend the I 'Hackathon' for Universities organized by Seguros Santalucía was held in Madrid. The victory went to the URJC team, with a project consisting of an innovative mental health insurance for people born between the late 90s and early 2000s.

The URJC team was made up of five students from different degrees and double degrees from the Rey Juan Carlos University: Alejandro, Gómez Rodríguez, 1st year of Services Engineering + ADE; Ariadna Marcos Sanz, 2nd year in Information Technology Engineering; Marta Álvarez Vidal, 2nd year of double degree in science, management and service engineering + ADE; Andrés Juan Herráiz García, 5th year double degree in Advertising and Public Relations + ADE and David Martínez Pérez, 5th year double degree in Telecommunications Engineering + ADE. 

After winning the contest, explains Pablo Ramírez González, mentor of the team and director of the Móstoles Business Incubator, the students “were very excited. It was the first time they participated in a 'Hackathon' except one of them. They were also very surprised by the creativity of the ideas and the quality of the presentations.”

Mental Health for Generation 'Z'

The project with which the URJC won consisted of mental health insurance for young people and adolescents. This insurance included various modalities of therapy (both online and face-to-face, individual or in a group). In addition, the proposed package made it possible to have an 'elder brother', “a person who has already completed therapy satisfactorily who can accompany those who are still in the process”, says Pablo Ramírez. On the other hand, a whole dissemination strategy was designed between AMPAS, schools, institutes and universities, with talks and workshops to deal with aspects such as 'bullying', harassment, school failure, anxiety, depression. In addition, it was included that a 'social euro' be donated for each insurance bill to cover the costs of therapy for people with fewer resources.

All these proposals were valued as very innovative by the 'Hackathon' jury. The team proposal from the Rey Juan Carlos University was the only one that fulfilled all the items proposed by the organization. "This project, being the winner of the contest, will be taken into account for a future development of the product by the company."

In addition to the URJC, with its mental health insurance project, the UC3M, the UFV, the UCJC and ESIC participated, responding to the rest of the challenges presented in the 'Hackathon': Insurance for students who rent homes, Erasmus Assistance, Pets and accidents in non-professional sport.