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Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 07:00 p.m.

All about Free Culture, at the URJC

All about Free Culture, at the URJC All about Free Culture, at the URJC

The Rey Juan Carlos University organizes a meeting aimed at disseminating this open vision of knowledge, aimed at the entire university community

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The two-day event (March 29 and 30) will be held on the Fuenlabrada campus on 'II Conference on Free Culture URJC'. The objective, points out Florencia Claes, Free Culture Coordinator in OfiLibre “is to bring this culture closer to citizens and the university community. This vision implies that we manage licenses that allow the reuse and reuse of cultural works”.

For this, those responsible for the day have composed a complete program full of talks and workshops for all groups (Students, PDI, PAS) of the university community.

invited experts

Although most of the speakers and participants are from the URJC, the talks by experts from other universities and entities stand out. Marc Roger Briá Ramírez, head of the UAB Publications Service, will give a talk dedicated to magazine management and will lead a workshop on the subject. For her part, Pastora Martínez Samper, UOC Vice-Rector for Globalization and Cooperation, will talk about the Open Science movement in Spain, in an intervention aimed mainly at doctoral students. In addition, the conference will have the presence of Italo Vignoli, one of the founders of LibreOffice, an alternative desktop suite.

Open knowledge in teaching

Among the different events that make up the sessions, there will be a place for the recognition of URJC teachers who have taught their subjects in an open mode, that is, with materials accessible to all citizens. “We are going to recognize the five best valued teachers, who are going to explain how to work openly. There is a whole previous work of knowledge, management of licenses and assumption of free culture, all necessary to get to publish subjects in the open”, indicates Florencia Claes.

'Free' Fair

Within the framework of the conferences and with a more 'applied' vision of Free Culture, the 'Lo Libre' Fair is held, a sample of the multitude of possibilities provided by free knowledge. There you will be able to learn about URJC projects that relate Virtual Reality to archeology or the valorization of historical heritage, find out about the possibilities for research offered by the URJC Office of European Projects, or learn about the initiatives of the Legal Clinic of the Rey Juan Carlos University, among other activities.

From the Office of Free Knowledge and Culture (@OfiLibreURJC) “we believe that universities have the obligation to promote free culture. For it to revert to citizenship, you must be able to access it. This right can only be exercised if the scientific productions and the knowledge generated at the university have a truly free use license”, indicates Florencia Claes. The teacher remembers that “The office is not just the days. You can contact by mail for all issues related to the university or in general. The idea is that if the people at the university are informed, they can transfer the uses and concepts of free culture”.

A sign of the URJC's firm commitment to this vision of culture that through 'OfiLibre' conveys and implements a transversal idea of ​​this concept that goes beyond free software put into practice by other universities.

The XNUMXnd URJC Conference on Free Culture is organized by the 'OfiLibre' and has had the support of the Office of the Vice President for Campus Community, Culture and Sports.