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Friday May 05, 2023 at 12:33

The URJC, finalist of the Vodafone Campus Lab

The URJC, finalist of the Vodafone Campus Lab The URJC, finalist of the Vodafone Campus Lab

Several URJC students are present in two of the three finalist teams of the V edition of the entrepreneurship program of the telephone company.

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

Seven URJC students have been selected for the final phase of the Vodafone Campus LAB (VCL) 2023 program. This is an entrepreneurship competition open to all universities in which various teams compete to present the best innovation project with an impact on problems real. This year, the chosen one will be announced on June 8. 

In this fifth edition of the program, 105 teams from 56 different universities have participated, with a total of 646 students. Of those selected for the final phase, seven belong to the URJC and are divided into two teams. 

 One of the teams, named 'DreamTeam', is entirely made up of six URJC students. Their names are: Almendra Steffan Muñoz Uribe, Eider Esnaola Asensio, Lara González Herrero, Sergio Pérez Hernández, Pedro Pineda Ariza and Eduardo Ramírez Serrano. 

His project aims to meet the following challenge 'How could we digitize small and medium-sized companies to improve the experience of their customers?'. According to what the members of the team tell us, once the topic was chosen, "we began to have contact with owners and employees of SMEs, to learn from them and identify the problems in order to turn them into opportunities and be able to generate a business idea that not only meet the objective, but also make it possible to contribute positively to society, generating an economic benefit in the process”. 

To do this, the team devised a subscription-based professional services Marketplace where SMEs can purchase the service or services they need by paying a fee monthly, according to what you hire. The experience, described as "exceptional" by the students, "has provided us with a dynamic and exciting work environment, where we can take advantage of our skills and knowledge to face interesting challenges and collaborate on innovative projects." 

All the members of the group are studying the Master in Digital Business of the IUNIT University Center, attached to the URJC. The professor who has supervised the project has been Victoria Mora de la Torre, professor in the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising. 

As the teacher pointed out, "Dream Team is a multidisciplinary group that, through effort and teamwork, has managed to shape an innovative business idea that I am sure will give a lot to talk about." In addition, Mora de la Torre has highlighted the importance of programs such as Vodafone Campus LAB, which "give the opportunity to listen to the ideas of motivated and proactive students and value their talent". 

projects with future

The other group that has slipped into the final of the entrepreneurship program is Innocare, made up of seven students. Among them is Elena Feria Sordo, graduated in Biomedical Engineering in English at the URJC. 

According to the recent graduate, "Aura is the project that we have developed from Innocare, and it is focused on disease prevention, as well as monitoring the health status of patients, thus alleviating saturation in Primary Care" . 

More specifically, the proposal materializes in an app that makes use of cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality, Big Data and 5G. In this way, the patient has the possibility of keeping all their health data updated and registered in a 'health folder', connected between different systems and capable of establishing reminders for taking medication, advice or personalized recommendations. In addition, the project includes an AI-based chat that somewhat streamlines the work of the doctor. 

The student, who signed up for the Vodafone program on her own, assures that the team “has been self-taught at all times, guiding us by our intuition and assessment of the situation and without having a mentor. I signed up individually because it was a challenge for me, but I never imagined getting to where the team is right now”. However, Feria is grateful for the luck of coinciding with her colleagues, since "we have understood each other perfectly, we have known how to assume roles and responsibilities, trusting in the work of the other without questioning its validity." 

At this point, the young woman continues, "we are united by a tremendous illusion to continue forward, improving our project and managing, who knows, to win the 5th edition of VCL". 

The vice-rector for Research, Innovation and Transfer of the URJC, Fernando García Muiña, wanted to point out that "these results are yet another example of the talent that exists in the classrooms of our University and proof of our firm commitment to innovation and transfer ”.  

Encourage entrepreneurship among young people 

The Vodafone Campus LAB program aims to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of students and promote innovation projects. The reward for the winners consists of gift cards for Amazon, worth €1000 per person for the first classified team, €700 per person for the second and €500 per person for the third. 

In addition, all participants will have preferential access to Vodafone Spain's talent programs and accompaniment by Vodafone mentors for the development of the project, beyond the duration of the program. Finally, students will also get a certificate validated by Blockchain, which reflects the skills and abilities developed throughout the program.