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Monday May 08, 2023 at 11:01

The URJC and EULiST celebrate Europe Day

Student ambassadors from the Rey Juan Carlos University and the University of Athens will speak, in an online event, about the possibilities of doing internships in European institutions.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

Tomorrow, May 9, Europe Day is celebrated. The date commemorates the moment (1950) in which Robert Schuman, French Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, delivered his famous statement in which he expressed the idea of ​​a new form of political cooperation in which war between European countries would be impossible.

On the occasion of this anniversary, the URJC and the network EULiST organize an online event dedicated to students. The objective is to transmit to the students of the entire university alliance what are the possibilities of carrying out internships in the European institutions.

For this, it will have the participation of two student ambassadors belonging to EULiST. On behalf of the URJC, the student of the Science, Management and Services Engineering degree, Nekane Estalayo Paul, will speak who, together with the student ambassador of the National Technical University of Athens, will speak to the students about how to take the first professional steps in the European organizations. From the Department of International Relations of the same university, Antonia Lampropoulou will intervene, who will talk about professional practices from the perspective of the EULiST alliance.

In addition, Branka Jelicic, representative of the Commission's internship program, will offer the perspective of the European Commission on this possibility of carrying out internships, and will speak about the profile that is demanded in the Union's institutions.

The event will open with welcome remarks by Juergen Foecking, Head of Public and Institutional Relations at the European Parliament Office in Madrid.

"It is the first EULIST event for students and led by the URJC, an example of the type of activities and opportunities provided by the Alliance to strengthen the process of internationalization of teaching, research and transfer," says the vice-rector for International Relations, María Luisa Humanes. .

The event has already received numerous registrations. It will be an opportunity to learn first-hand everything necessary to come into professional contact with the Commission or the European Parliament.