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Tuesday May 09, 2023 at 07:30

Premiere of the play 'Fishers A2030'

Premiere of the play 'Fishers A2030' Premiere of the play 'Fishers A2030'

Former students of the URJC create and star in a play to make people reflect on the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 10, the Rey Juan Carlos University premieres the theatrical show 'Fishers A2030' at the Fernando de Rojas Theater of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.  

The play is directed by a URJC graduate, Montse Simón, and features performances by two other former students, Íñigo Ciriza and Cecilia Gala. With the theme of the 2030 Agenda as the central axis of the show, it aims to create a common space to reflect on society's commitment to sustainability and the distribution of resources.  

According to Montse Simón, director, playwright and performer of the show, tells us, “we are three fishermen located in a sea, metaphorically and literally, trying to glimpse a common horizon. We receive three calls a day and as a reward we can drink a single glass of water”.  

Although a priori it may seem like a somewhat abstract summary, Simón clarifies that the result they intend to achieve with the work is "to make visible the objectives of the 2030 Agenda which, although it is a political, social and economic issue, we believe that the performing arts can require a very interesting and valuable thought exercise. The work tries to include all the SDGs, which are already connected in some way, and treat them from the dramaturgy”.   

When asked about the creative process, the director tells that the URJC commissioned her a project around the 2030 Agenda and, at that moment, "I called Iñigo Ciriza and Cecilia Gala, classmates from my same grade, and we began to prepare a research process of several months to think about the best way to bring this theme to art”.  

At the scenic level, says Simón, "the work is physical theater, understood as a mixture of different forms of language, dance, visual arts, text, music and thought." In this sense, the playwright assures that "the formation from which all the members of the team came was very broad, and this has allowed us to dialogue not so much as specialists, but from a very open perspective."  

Montse Simón studied Visual Arts and Dance at the URJC, like the other performers of 'Fishers A2030', Iñigo Ciriza and Cecilia Gala. In this experience, Simón assures that "the task of assembling materials has been truly collective" and, for this reason, he wanted to thank "the team and my teachers for the possibility of this going ahead and the URJC staff who have given us this chance".  

The commitment of the URJC with the SDGs

For her part, María Najarro, professor and director of the URJC2030 Project, says that "the idea was born from the Vice-Rector's Office for Quality and Strategy and the Vice-Rector's Office for Campus Community, Culture and Sports". The main idea was "to carry out a cultural activity in the form of a theatrical show to sensitize the entire university community on the issues of the 2030 Agenda" and, through Javier Otero, academic director of culture at the URJC, "we got down to the work”, never better said.  

“The most interesting thing about the project is that it transcends beyond the university, opening in an important theater in Madrid such as the Círculo de Bellas Artes”, comments Najarro. "That is the message that we want to give from the University, to be a benchmark in the subject of the 2030 Agenda and raise awareness of these issues from all areas," he adds.  

Since URJC2030, this is the first year that we have carried out this activity, "but surely next year we will continue in this line and the intention is to put together another piece with other professionals", explains the project director. “One of the things that we have liked the most is having people who graduated from the university and creating that circuit of reciprocity: it is created within the university, with people trained at the university and then it is transferred to society”.  

Tickets to enjoy the show can be reserved at no cost at the following link: Fishers A2030