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Thursday May 11, 2023 at 08:00

The URJC, venue of the 2023 Infographic Olympiad

The URJC, venue of the 2023 Infographic Olympiad The URJC, venue of the 2023 Infographic Olympiad

The contest is organized by the educational innovation project Red de Infografías Científicas de Madrid and is aimed at university students from all over the Community. 

Nora Fernandez Fernandez 

La Network of Scientific Infographics of Madrid, coordinated from the UCM and made up of professors from the URJC, the UNED and the UCM, organizes a contest every two years aimed at university students who have developed some academic work in the format of a scientific infographic. 

This year, the venue for the contest is the Rey Juan Carlos University, specifically its Madrid Campus, which will welcome students from all Madrid universities who wish to participate.  

The students, who You can sign up for the contest until May 19, they must present the infographic that they have prepared within the framework of one of their subjects and explain the design they have made for 2 minutes. 

The jury will be chaired by the URJC Vice Chancellor for Students, Almudena López López, as well as two vice chancellors from the UCM and UNED. Other members are personalities from the professional field such as Manuel Abellán Serna, Industry Executive Higher Education of Microsoft Education Spain, two university professors who are experts in infographics and a student. All of them will be in charge of determining the originality and quality of each proposal, selecting the winning design from among all the infographics. 

According to Ángel Pazos López, secretary of the Network and professor of Art History at the URJC, tells us, "this initiative is linked to educational innovation in the classroom and its objective is to show students that the things that are done in the university have a direct impact on society.  

Although this year the venue is the Rey Juan Carlos University, Pazos has expressed the intention "that in the coming years it will be any of the other universities", like "last year, which was at the Complutense University". On this occasion, the URJC Vice President for Students has been in charge of coordinating the event.  

The Infographic Olympiad will take place on June 2, 2023, from 10:30 a.m. to 14:00 p.m., at the Madrid Campus of the Rey Juan Carlos University. The event will have the face-to-face participation of students and professors from the organizing universities. In addition to the participants, all interested persons may attend the session as a public. 

Winning students will receive gifts from event sponsors. The computer equipment company for graphic designers, XPP in Spain, will provide the latest model Deco Pro S tablets to the winners. For its part, Microsoft Education Spain has prepared company backpacks with brand promotional gadgets that will be delivered to the winners. In addition, the company S&you, a benchmark in talent management and human resources, will provide a free course for employability training. 

All interested persons can obtain all the information about the event, as well as the registration procedure for it, in the Rey Juan Carlos University website enabled for the occasion, or through the Network Scientific Infographics