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Thursday May 11, 2023 at 13:21

An online day to take the first steps in the European Institutions

An online day to take the first steps in the European Institutions An online day to take the first steps in the European Institutions

400 students from the 10 EULiST universities connected to the event at some point.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The URJC and the alliance EULiST, to which it belongs, has organized a conference in which students, universities and representatives of European institutions have participated. The event has served to commemorate the Day of Europe that is celebrated, throughout the continent, on May 9.

Some 400 students from the 10 universities that make up the university alliance have connected to the session in which they have been able to learn first-hand everything necessary to carry out internships at European institutions.

Marisa Humanes, vice-rector for International Relations and organizer of the conference on behalf of the URJC, has highlighted "the interest of students in attending this type of conference, which constitutes an opportunity to learn about the possibilities of carrying out internships".

The day has been a tool to get EULiST to the students and to publicize and get to know the network. The role of the students has been essential. “The work of the student ambassadors (Spanish and Greek) has been very important.” The young women explained the path that must be followed to carry out internships in European institutions.

From these organizations, Branka Jelicic (European Commission) stressed the fact that internship opportunities and places are for all types of academic profiles.

In addition, a round table of students who are carrying out or have carried out internships within the European Union took place. "They offered all kinds of advice and first-hand experience on how to fill out the call, the work climate in the institutions or the possibilities of staying and applying for permanent positions," explains Humanes.

A first act of the URJC with EULiST with a very good reception that encourages to continue publicizing this alliance that brings together 10 universities from all over Europe.