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Thursday May 25, 2023 at 18:58

Javier Simó takes office as director of the Fuenlabrada School of Engineering

Javier Simó takes office as director of the Fuenlabrada School of Engineering Javier Simó takes office as director of the Fuenlabrada School of Engineering

The professor of the area of ​​Signal Theory and Communications has renewed his mandate at the head of this center that includes studies such as Data Engineering, Biomedical, Aerospace or Software Robotics, among others.

Raúl García Hémonnet/Editor

This morning, in the Las Palmeras room of the Fuenlabrada School of Engineering, the inauguration of Professor Javier Simó as director of this URJC center took place.

The director thanked the rector and his team for the "generosity and tenacity with which they have been setting course for more than 6 years and maintaining it towards a healthy, well-oriented university, meritorious academically and humanly, and strengthened."

Simó has pointed out that today this school [the Fuenlabrada School of Engineering] has studies in Telecommunications Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Software Robotics Engineering, Data Science and Engineering, Architecture and Landscaping. It is powerful and diverse, and includes a good part of the studies with the most demand and with the best indicators of labor insertion”.

The director has been satisfied with what has been done so far, but has also pointed out that there is still a long way to go, "up to this point I think I can say that we have done well, as attested to by the healthy situation in the accreditation renewal processes, the international seals that have all the degrees that can have them by implantation time, and the satisfaction indicators of all the groups. We have done our homework. However, when the project still had a long way to go to reach a phase of stability, we have undergone recent important transformations with the incorporation of Architecture and Landscaping, which subjects the EIF to important challenges, which in turn can be great opportunities if they handle well. Somehow, with these words I want to convey to you that we have done a lot and well and, nevertheless, we have almost everything to do”.

The rector, Javier Ramos, presided over the event and highlighted Professor Simó's commitment to the university, stating that he is "an excellent teacher and researcher, a telecommunications engineer who, despite this, keeps his feet on the the earth. And, in addition to all that, a great companion and friend”.

Ramos recalled that “the mission of this school, like that of the university as a whole, can only be understood as a shared responsibility. Passing on knowledge is a substantial part of this collective enterprise, but it is also important for students to put all their enthusiasm and ability at the service of the common goal of excellent training. An objective that we are obliged to achieve in order to anticipate the future and what it will demand of us”. And he added that "in the current context, the challenge for engineering is to continue being the framework of human progress without leaving anyone out, ensuring that it is fully sustainable and inviting all creative minds to participate in this challenge, without distinction of origin or gender.

Both have been accompanied by the general secretary Pilar Trinidad, as well as a broad representation of the PAS and the PDI of the Fuenlabrada School of Engineering.