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Friday, September 15, 2023 at 12:04

The winner of the URJC scientific monologues triumphs in the Science Show

Lina Al-Morabet Tahirí, a high school student at the IES Avenida de los Toreros, has won first prize in the national science monologue competition. The contestant also won first place in the IX Science Monologues of the URJC, an award that granted her a pass to the Science Show final as a representative of Madrid.

Irene Vega

Winning the URJC Science Monologues competition is the first step that the finalists have to take in Madrid to participate in the national Ciencia Show competition, organized by the association of scientific disseminators Big Van Ciencia. The final gala of this competition was held in Bilbao with representatives from different autonomous communities, including the winner of the URJC.

Lina Al-Morabet Tahirí, student at IES Avenida de los Toreros and first prize in the IX Science Monologues Contest of the URJC, has won first prize in the latest edition of Ciencia Show, an event that takes place within the framework of the congress of Naukas Bilbao scientific dissemination.

The URJC trains the best pool of scientific communicators

The URJC Science Monologues contest is part of a training and collaboration project between educational centers (IES Joaquín Rodrigo, IES Villablanca, IES Valdebernardo and IES Alameda de Osuna) and the URJC, through the Scientific Culture Unit and Innovation (UCC+I) and the Vice-Rectorate for Research, Innovation and Transfer. In addition, the competition has the collaboration of the FECYT-Ministry of Science and Innovation within the framework of the Call for aid to promote scientific, technological and innovation culture. "One more year, and there are already a few of them, we make this scientific dissemination activity a reality in which we aim, in addition to young people becoming familiar with science and not fleeing from it, that science also reaches society," he highlights. Carmen García Galera, academic director of the UCC+I.

This project uses the monologue as an educational resource to promote the acquisition of the basic skills proposed for the curriculum of ESO and Baccalaureate students. Through this format, students learn to present their research projects while fostering their interest in science and scientific dissemination.

During the 2023/2024 academic year, the tenth edition of this contest will be held and several training phases will be carried out in advance in which secondary education centers in the Community of Madrid may participate: characteristics of a monologue, preparation of the text, development of creativity, scenic resources and body expression. To carry out the training part, there will be the collaboration of several teachers from the participating educational centers and associations such as Alioth, Arte y Ciencia and Big Van Ciencia.