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Monday, November 20, 2023 at 06:30 p.m.

A week full of activities on digital innovation begins

A week full of activities on digital innovation begins A week full of activities on digital innovation begins

The Rey Juan Carlos University, through the Center for Teaching Innovation and Digital Education (CIED), presents the 'V Week of Innovation in Digital Education (SID23)'. The initiative runs from today until Thursday, November 23.

Ramon Machuca

In this fifth edition, 'The craft of learning' is proposed as a theme with the intention of encouraging participants to "reflect on the learning process itself" as stated by the organizing committee of the event, and adds that "the purpose What we pursue is to share various innovative actions that lead us to acquire strategies that help us know ourselves better and evolve as people to improve as teachers.”

The week begins with 'I Innovation Meeting for Faculties and Schools (EFE23)', which takes place from 9 a.m. this morning in the Departmental building of the Madrid-Vicálvaro Campus.

The event bases its activity on a collaborative and participatory dynamic in which attendees share ideas that motivate innovation in the nine Faculties and Schools that make up the URJC. This meeting is intended for teachers designated by each of these university centers.

Within the framework of the 'V Week of Innovation in Digital Education (SID23)' other activities will be developed such as a series of four workshops oriented to the emotional, the cognitive, the technological and the formal.

Our 'X Innovation Conference in Digital Education (JID23)' They are also part of the programming of this set of activities and are formed through a program that combines the participation of experts in presentations with round tables and communication dynamics. This activity aims to be “a space for analysis, reflection and exchange on teaching practices and innovative teaching methodologies applied to digital education.”

The 'Days' will be managed through this registration form and will have the recognition of 0 RAC credits for all students who request it.