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Thursday, February 08, 2024 at 13:40

A new edition of the Online Winter School arrives

A new edition of the Online Winter School arrives A new edition of the Online Winter School arrives

This set of courses offered by 'ONGAWA', an NGO with which the URJC collaborates, seeks to delve deeper into issues such as inequality, la poverty and sustainability.

David Viera

The 2024 Winter Online School initiative is part of 'global-challenge', a program born from the agreement between the two institutions and that seeks to understand the current social, cultural, economic and environmental reality, in addition to exploring individual and collective capacities to transform the world. This set of courses is designed for students, who can fully engage in activities related to different social problems such as poverty, inequality and sustainability.

“The objective of the Global Challenge program focuses on activating critical thinking, in addition to enhancing skills such as teamwork, creativity or communication, among others,” explains Sara Villodre, staff of the Development Cooperation and Volunteering Unit.

The different courses offered by this initiative address topics that follow the ideological and thematic line of the agreement, and the following teachings can be found: “EYE ON THE DATA”, dedicated to understanding why digital transformation has a lot to do with human rights and the intrinsic needs of each person; and "WHO COMMANDS HERE?”, focused on leadership development for future professionals who seek to care for the planet and people.

“With these courses, students have the opportunity to obtain tools and resources to encourage a coherent use of technologies,” highlights Villodre, who adds that students can approach realities that they were unaware of until that moment, in order to obtain new, more effective skills. beyond those provided by the more academic field, and contribute to a global improvement.

The registration period for the two courses It is open until February 14, lasts 25 hours and will take place from February 19 to March 20. In addition, completing these training sessions will grant the student 1,25 ECTS credits. Lo