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Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 11:21 p.m.

The Rey Juan Carlos University is the most transparent in Madrid

The Rey Juan Carlos University is the most transparent in Madrid The Rey Juan Carlos University is the most transparent in Madrid

The URJC is at the top of Dyntra's transparency ranking in the Madrid region, tied with the Complutense. In addition, it is the sixth most transparent in all of Spain.

Good news for the URJC in the latest edition of the Dyntra Report on university transparency. According to this 'ranking', the Rey Juan Carlos University is the most transparent in the Community of Madrid, only tied with the Complutense.

On the other hand, and in this case taking universities from across the country as a reference, the URJC is positioned sixth among a total of 77 public and private Spanish universities. Here, the Rey Juan Carlos University also ties with the Complutense. The URJC thus stands with a compliance percentage of 92,90% of the total of 169 indicators grouped into five categories: Institutional Transparency, Public Communication, Citizen Participation and Collaboration, Economic-Financial Transparency and Service Contracting.

This classification at the top of the Dyntra 'ranking' is added to the one obtained recently at the Haz Foundation.

According to Diana Benito, Deputy Vice-Rector for Strategy, “the Rey Juan Carlos University has been considering institutional transparency as a priority for years. The HAZ Foundation and the Dyntra platform are the reference 'rankings' in measuring this area. The URJC has managed to be number 1 nationally and achieve the highest score in the last two HAZ Foundation reports, with 100% compliance in all indicators and now a 'pole position' in the Community of Madrid on the Dyntra platform and sixth from Spain.”

Furthermore, the deputy vice chancellor explains the reason why transparency is essential for the institution, “we believe that transparency is essential because it provides people with a complete understanding of the institution, including its processes and decisions and their results. This comprehensive understanding builds trust, since when someone understands something completely, they tend to trust it more. Therefore, transparency not only promotes knowledge, but also increases trust, strengthening the relationship between institutions and society.”

Two results in 'rankings' that constitute a boost to the University's effort to be a transparent institution.