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Monday, April 29, 2024 at 12:17

The writer Pilar Adón, at the URJC

The writer Pilar Adón, at the URJC The writer Pilar Adón, at the URJC

The author, winner of the 2023 National Fiction Prize for the novel 'De Bestias y Aves', will participate in a meeting on the Madrid campus

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

Pilar Adón, one of the most important current writers in the Spanish language, will be the protagonist of an event with students and readers, within the 'Writers in Universities 2024' initiative.

The event will be held on the afternoon of this Monday, April 29, on the Madrid campus, in Vicálvaro (16 p.m. Room 167. Departmental Building I). The author will read fragments of her work, chat with attendees about her career, and there will also be a book signing. For this, the URJC has the collaboration of the Jarcha Bookstore, which has provided a display with copies of the author's work in case someone wants to have a signed book, but does not bring it with them.

Pilar Adón is the author of works such as 'Of beasts and birds', which earned her the 2023 National Fiction Prize. She has written other novels such as 'Las efímeras' and 'Las hijas de Sara', several books of short stories and collections of poems.