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Tuesday May 07, 2024 at 13:40

The art of URJC students leaves the classrooms

The art of URJC students leaves the classrooms The art of URJC students leaves the classrooms

Students from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities organize 'ArteGo', a fair that unites creation and entrepreneurship

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The creations of the URJC students landed this Tuesday on the Móstoles campus and will be able to be seen in two stands located in front of Lecture Hall I, until next Thursday. In these exhibitors you will be able to discover and acquire exclusive fashion designs, illustrations, decorative objects, etc. In addition, you can talk to its creators.

This sample is one of the legs of the 'showroom' 'ArtGo', organized by students from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities to make these creations known to the university community and also debate and chat about art and entrepreneurship in a series of presentations, round tables and workshops.

As Úrsula Úbeda Tirado, delegate of the Fashion Design and Management degree and co-organizer of the 'showroom' with Tiago Cañedo Álvarez, student of the Double Degree in Fashion Design and Management and Fine Arts, points out, “it is a multidisciplinary event in "We want to mix artistic disciplines with other subjects, for example: AI with Design, Marketing with Fashion, we also want to give visibility to art degrees and promote entrepreneurship among the creators of the URJC."

Throughout the three days of the event, topics will be addressed such as the possibility of participating in interdisciplinary research projects with other faculties, marketing and creative advertising or content creation, among others.

Entrepreneurship is one of the main subjects of 'ArteGO'. In this sense, on Wednesday there will be a round table on this topic, presentations on the presentation of projects and workshops on business ideas, such as 'upcycling' (recycling stock garments by applying small improvements or innovations) or finding a path in illustration professional, says Úrsula Úbeda Tirado.

“We wanted to focus the presentations on people who have taken their own initiative for a project, idea, or company and tell it from their point of view or people who started a stage with a company and have also known how to close it,” says the organizer. .

The inauguration of the event was chaired by the vice-rector for Students, Almudena López, who wanted to highlight that 'ArteGO' “gives the possibility of knowing first-hand what the art students of different disciplines of the URJC can offer and constitutes an shows the importance of art growing and flourishing in the university context.” The vice-rector added that “art and the University have a lot in common, since both are a vehicle for social and cultural transformation, the development of a critical spirit, personal self-realization and economic boost.”

'ArteGO' is an initiative promoted by the arts students of the URJC, which has had the collaboration of the Casa del Estudiante (Vice-Rector's Office for Students) and the URJC 2030 initiative (Vice-Rector's Office for Quality and Strategy).