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Friday May 17, 2024 at 07:00

The third edition of SpinOut arrives

The third edition of SpinOut arrives The third edition of SpinOut arrives

The URJC innovation project accelerator is set up again to help entrepreneurs in the university community

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

'SpinOut' has just launched its third edition with the aim of continuing to promote innovative entrepreneurship projects that arise within the university community of the Rey Juan Carlos University

As in previous editions, those who access SpinOut have two options: join the incubation program (projects or business ideas that have not yet come to market) or the acceleration program (companies/startups that are already operating).

In this edition, the expectations of the program, as explained by Ana Asensio, one of its managers, are to “have more people enrolled in the program and offer more services. We have added mentors and more training to the program. We want participants to leave with all the information and knowledge acquired so that their exit or expansion in the market is a success.”

The lines of action of the program are: Support in searching for financing, free training to start the project/idea, help to prepare the business plan, advice on all administrative and legal procedures for the company and advice for introduction into the market .

In its two previous editions, 25 projects and companies have completed the program. Among the most notable: Econoky, Papaya, Aequus, Migraempleo or Aivolve.

As Ana Asensio points out, “Spinout is a great opportunity to give a boost to both companies, EBTC (Technology and Knowledge-Based Companies) and research projects or entrepreneurship projects. Normally, it is complex to know all the aspects of entrepreneurship to achieve success in the market; Entrepreneurs know the operational part of the projects, we can help them with everything that is business management. It is also a good opportunity to transfer knowledge.”

The program is totally free. For the finally selected projects, the achievement of results in the short term will be enhanced through access to one of the aid in the form of seed capital. The registration period is open until May 31 and the entire university community can participate: professors, researchers, PAS, students, etc. All information can be found in this websites.