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Friday June 07, 2024 at 07:00

“The main ethical responsibility of the artist is coherence”

“The main ethical responsibility of the artist is coherence” “The main ethical responsibility of the artist is coherence”

Miguel Ríos will be in charge of the inaugural presentation of the URJC Summer Courses, in which he will analyze how rock and roll transformed the 20th century

Rosa Marquez of the Order

With more than six decades on stage, Miguel Ríos is one of the most recognized and admired voices on the Spanish music scene. This year he will also be the honorary godfather of the 25th edition of the Summer Courses and the person in charge of the opening conference, which will be held on June 24 and in which he will talk about his great passion: rock and roll. roll. “It was the music that changed the XNUMXth century. With his disruptive philosophy he emerged in the slums of Memphis, fusing Central European folk that gave way to Country and Gospel of the southern slaves, which empowered the youth, first American and then global. However, Ríos admits that “it is difficult to incorporate younger people into our ranks” given the advance of new styles such as reggaeton, although “not everything is perreo” and assures that there is still room in current music for vindication and the rebellion.

Asking about the changes that artificial intelligence and new technologies will bring to the music industry, the singer is convinced that large corporations will find a niche in which to operate and is more concerned about the dangers they may entail for civil society: “For its incredible potential to create hoaxes with which to influence the development of democracy and coexistence.” Ríos recognizes that the artists who move him are those who expose his life in his work. “Commitment to truth is known to have inspired great songs. So the main ethical responsibility of the artist would be, in my opinion, coherence.” He assures that the emotion that his music provokes in people is the energy that allows him to maintain his profession, so this year he will celebrate his 80th birthday as he does best: with a concert.

The defense of freedom and its political ideals have defined the artist's career and have inspired one of the most anticipated summer courses of this edition: 'The social responsibility of culture'. In the seminar, which will be held on June 25 at the URJC headquarters in Aranjuez, personalities from the world of culture will participate, such as the poet Luis García Montero, the writer Belén Gopegui or the journalist Pilar del Río. The university will grant ten scholarships for accommodation and lunch to facilitate attendance at the course to interested people, who may request this aid at the time of registration.