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Friday June 07, 2024 at 14:09

The URJC invests a hundred doctors

The URJC invests a hundred doctors The URJC invests a hundred doctors

The rector has presided over the academic ceremony in which the academic effort that has led them to achieve the highest distinction of the University has been recognized. The event also served to present the Extraordinary Doctorate Awards.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The University has just incorporated a hundred new doctors to its faculty. This was made effective in an event held this afternoon in the Rector's Assembly Hall and which was chaired by the rector, Javier Ramos.

Ramos thanked the new doctors for their efforts and pointed out that “your years of work have borne their first fruit, which today we make official by granting you the highest academic degree granted by our University. A recognition more transcendent than a mere title. Something that distinguishes you as distinguished members of our community. Today we recognize that you are prepared to contribute to university, research and professional life with a hard-earned prominence.”

Ramos has also indicated that doctors are agents of knowledge, knowledge based on evidence, and he has called on the new members of this community to be “the first combatants against misinformation and extremism.”

Furthermore, the rector has placed great emphasis on maintaining a critical sense, at a time of technological uncertainty, especially due to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in our lives, "without this critical sense we will find ourselves lacking sufficient tools to separate the grain from the true knowledge of insubstantial straw. Always cultivate that healthy skepticism, and help yourself with that discipline that has led you to reach the highest academic levels. Do not stop contributing your excellent commitment to all areas of life, because that will be the best way to put academic excellence at the service of society. Let us dream of how our personal experience can serve to make a more just, free and committed world a reality.”

The rector also wanted to dedicate a few words to the people awarded the Extraordinary Doctorate Awards: “Dear recipients of the Extraordinary Doctorate Awards, I wish you the best. You deserve it. But I ask you not to abandon the journey to excellence here. Apply your ambition to know to all areas of life, and do not forget that the paths were opened at the Rey Juan Carlos University, a university that has been and will always be your home."

During the event, the director of the International Doctoral School, Pilar Abad, also spoke, thanking the great effort made by the new doctors and their families and calling on them to “not forget the passion for research that you have.” has led us here. You are our pride and you represent the best.”

The investiture of new doctors was attended by Manuel Bautista, mayor of Móstoles; Pilar Trinidad, subdelegate of the Government of the Community of Madrid; Mirina Cortés, president of the Education, Science and Universities Commission of the Madrid Assembly, among other local, regional and academic authorities.