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Advocacy and Procurement - Economic Criminal Law for the second year at the URJC

Advocacy and Procurement - Economic Criminal Law for the second year at the URJC The URJC incorporates into its offer for the academic year 23-24 the double master's degree in Law and Attorney-Economic Criminal Law

This double degree will allow students to simultaneously study both studies because the law degree is taught online and the one focused on Criminal Law is in person.


Students from the Law Degree have the opportunity to take courses that enable them to pursue a career as a lawyer and also obtain one of the most in-demand specializations whose objective is to prevent, detect and combat a wide range of specific crimes: corporate , bribery, embezzlement, administrative prevarication, influence peddling, fraud or business corruption, among others.

The double degree enriches the training of students by adding to the legal training required for access to the legal profession a specialization component in a branch of criminal law of exceptional weight and importance and, from a professional point of view, the set of skills that are acquired will place those who pass it in optimal conditions to successfully face the practice of law in matters related to economic crime.

Likewise, both degrees are also offered separately. The Advocacy and Attorney course is taught in both face-to-face and online modalities. The Master in Economic Criminal Law is also an official degree, according to the regulations required by the European Higher Education Area, with an updated internal quality guarantee system. As an official degree, it allows access to a doctorate later and its price, established annually by the Community of Madrid, is very competitive, which allows it to offer an incomparable value for money.

It has more than 90 professors, including Professors and Doctors of the URJC and other universities, KPMG professionals, Magistrates of the Supreme Court and the National Court, Lawyers of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, CGPJ, specialized prosecutors, and criminal lawyers from the main law firms specialized in Economic Criminal Law.

This double master's degree offers external internships in institutions, specialized offices and companies, with which the URJC has a previous agreement, with the aim of enriching and complementing the student's training, facilitating direct contact with the world of work in the sector.

The most recommended qualifications to be able to access this master's degree are mainly the Degree in Law and the Double Degrees with Law. The double master's degree has a load of 144 credits that is divided into an academic year and a half divided into three quarters.