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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 07:00

Contemporary Artistic Practices, the keys to enter the current context of art

El Master in Contemporary Artistic Practices begins a new edition aimed at training and training future professionals in the field of plastic and visual creation from an essentially practical approach.


Image cultures are highly relevant in today's society. Artistic practice has adapted to this context with innovative proposals, incorporating new materials, concepts and processes. The URJC Master's Degree in Contemporary Artistic Practices proposes creative and professional training, addressing the different disciplines and contents of Fine Arts and contemporary visual culture.

The process of creation in art: a long road, full of adventures, full of experiences

The development of artistic practice will be addressed as a process extended over time, considering that a project can be the investigation of a lifetime. The Master is aimed at people with the concern and desire to express themselves and reflect on the relevant issues of today's society through art. From a theoretical foundation and with an eminently practical approach, different lines of work are covered, applying innovative techniques, processes and materials.

The study plan provides content, skills and specialized skills in the production of artistic work in different disciplines of Fine Arts (painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, design, audiovisuals, scenography, digital creation...), with a contemporary and transversal, considering the context of current creation, which requires professional profiles with multidisciplinary training. In order to cover all the knowledge needs to develop a project, the Master is divided into three blocks: the first of them, focused on knowledge, offers students in-depth knowledge of the contemporary panorama of art and trends current from a critical attitude.

Secondly, the block of skills stands out, which is aimed at developing skills in handling innovative media and techniques in current artistic creation.

Finally, in the third and last block, attitudes are worked on, where the lines and areas of creation on which art is being based in the XNUMXst century are addressed, from a practical and personal development point of view.

The student will be able to carry out different projects, adapted to their knowledge and concerns, covering the entire creation process, from the first ideas to the final execution. The weight of the practice applied to personal projects and external internships provide the differentiating character of the Master.

The experience of art beyond the classroom

One of the keys to the Master is its dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff; as well as an involved and satisfied student body. In the Master's Degree in Contemporary Artistic Practices, closeness and adaptation to the needs of each student generate an atmosphere of permanent learning and exploration. Each student, from his personal career that has covered various fields: painting, sculpture, photography, restoration, fashion, graphic or space design, anthropology, engraving, audiovisual, etc., has shared his experience contributing new points of view and favoring everyone's learning. The exchange of ideas, the critical sessions and the possibility of taking the projects to personal territories, allow a professional approach investigating what each one likes and interests. To the extensive experience of the teaching staff is added the participation of expert guests in different subjects, from artists to cultural managers.

Students are involved in the different proposals related to creation that arise in the professional and university spheres: workshops, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and innovation and research projects. Art and creation become our daily life and we enjoy it together.


Images courtesy of Montaña Hernández, Master's student.