Get to know the URJC Student Observatory

Posted by Francisco Molina Rueda

The Student Observatory is a UACE body whose purpose is to carry out analysis, reports and publications of interest on university students.

The Student Observatory has the following strategic lines linked to the objectives of the UACE:

Line 1. Detection of student needs and their dissemination 


  • Actions to assess needs, values, profiles and priorities in students.
  • Actions to evaluate the social, economic and psycho-health dynamics of the life of URJC university students.
  • Actions to study the obstacles and opportunities for improving the university experience and identification with the institution of our students, especially in relation to participation and civic commitment.
  • Financing of research projects to analyze the needs of the student body and its dynamics in order to implement action measures through the Student House or the Office of the Vice President for Students, according to the budget/resources provided by the university.
  • Dissemination and communication through its own channels provided by the university.


Line II. Promotion of university commitment and a feeling of belonging 


  • Call for awards for Student Commitment.
  • Recognition actions of student initiatives.
  • Dissemination of student actions through the mechanisms provided by the university.