If you have an initiative to improve the university experience and student representation, we encourage you to submit it!

Posted by Francisco Molina Rueda

The URJC Student House will promote calls to finance and promote student projects.

La Student House aims to finance and promote initiatives by students, groups and student representatives who want to develop projects that boost the university experience, enhance student participation, generate activities of interest to all of us who share the university, establish collaborative work frameworks and improve coexistence and the development of values.

The call that will regulate the granting of these projects will be published shortly. Therefore, we encourage you to keep an eye on the information channels of the Vice-Rector for Students (Insta: @urjc_estudiantes; @URJCestudiantes; Web: Here, we offer you a preview.

The projects will have to be accepted in one of the following modalities:  

Mode A

  1. Creation of spaces for training and dialogue about values, learning, problems and needs of students.
  2. Activities that promote an increase in cohesion, a sense of belonging and identification with the group, the University and the Student House as a space of confluence.
  3. Initiatives aimed at promoting the comprehensive training of the student, as well as any member of the University Community.
  4. Activities dedicated to strengthening and promoting external and internal representation and student participation throughout the University Community.
  5. Complementary training: organization of courses, workshops, conferences or talks that offer students the opportunity to achieve a series of skills other than those of a university degree.
  6. University pre-orientation and collaboration with high school students.
  7. Student guidance in academic, vocational and professional fields.
  8. Development and implementation of activities or initiatives that aim to meet the needs of students or student care.

Mode B: projects related to the training of student representatives in the corresponding specific and transversal competencies in order to improve the participation and skills of the student body in these.

Modality C: student projects that promote collaboration with other lines of work carried out by other services, units and centers as long as they have the corresponding approval of all the entities involved and are related to the strategic lines of the Action Unit Committed to the Student.

The Projects linked to the URJC Student House that may be financed must be developed during the year 2023.

La maximum amount of the financeable expenses will be:

  • Modality A: 500 euros. 
  • Modality B: 800 euros.
  • Modality C: 400 euros.
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