The delegates of the URJC participate in the II Student Representation Training Conferences

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More than 120 student representatives from all the Faculties and Schools of the URJC attended this training event.


Last Friday, February 9, the Student Representation Training Conferences (IIJFRE) at the Real Centro Universitario Escorial María-Cristina, in the municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid). These sessions, aimed at training group delegates and subdelegates, were organized by the Student House with the collaboration of the URJC Student Council.

In this second edition, the IIJFRE focused on training new generations of student representatives, showing the importance they have within the URJC, and the need to build and row towards a common goal: to improve the university and enhance student participation in the institution.

After Almudena López, Vice-Rector of Students, gave the starting signal to the conference, what would end up becoming a memorable weekend for the attending student representatives began, where training and leisure were combined. As stated by Paola Prados, subdelegate of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Organization, “It has been an incredible experience and we will never forget it.”

Through various presentations, dynamics and workshops, students were able to see first-hand the importance of having student representation up to the task, essential to solve any situation within the university environment in the most effective way possible. In this way, different activities were organized to enhance effective communication, team management, knowledge of the internal structure of the URJC or the organization of events. One of the most successful activities was workshop on equality and diversity where it was possible to express in a dynamic and representative way the reality that exists in the university regarding issues related to discrimination for multiple reasons.

In addition, different tables of dialogue with the Vice-Rector for Students, Almudena López, and the Deputy Vice-Rector for Students, Rosa Romero, where issues such as the mental health of university students or the promotion of student participation in the URJC were discussed. These dialogue tables took place with small groups of students to generate an open and close debate between all participants and establish new communication channels between the institution and student representatives.

On the other hand, the work tables aimed at student representatives joining energies to carry out events and activities through student projects were a success. 14 viable projects were presented that showed the interest of the participants in activities aimed at promoting student representation, sports, university leisure or the SDGs. El General Student Coordinator, Javier Rodríguez Abengózar, encouraged everyone present at these work tables to present these proposals in the future call for student projects and make them a reality in the coming months.

The experience of the speakers and trainers was a determining factor when presenting future representatives with real cases that they will encounter when they climb the ranks of student representation or face certain situations. “Being a delegate gives you the opportunity to be heard at the university, (…) we are taken into account, we are listened to”, “it has truly been a unique experience”, are some of the testimonies that Lucía Muñoz, delegate of the Degree in Early Childhood Education and Javier Rodríguez, delegate of the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Organization, wanted to transmit to the organization of the event. These statements show the great success that has been achieved in such a short space of time as the one occupied by the IIJFRE.

Throughout the days, various dynamics and activities were also carried out aimed at promoting communication between the representatives of the different centers, consolidating the pride of belonging to the institution or creating work networks in future projects. In addition, there were various moments of leisure with music, food and time to visit a historic town like San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Finally, highlight the great atmosphere perceived, both by the organizers and the students. As some of the delegates present declared, they hope that the Casa del Estudiantes will continue working to repeat this event next year, which they considered essential to consolidate student representation in the URJC.

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