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The Rey Juan Carlos University has a high commitment to the environment, and therefore contributes to improving citizen well-being and environmental sustainability. To achieve this goal, the Energy Efficiency Unit has been created, whose purpose is to improve the energy performance of the URJC and other public or private entities. Therefore, they can materialize in the following objectives:

  • Reduction of the environmental footprint of the University by minimizing its energy consumption.
  • Reduction of costs associated with said consumption.
  • Creation and implementation of management systems that promote constant improvement in the reduction of energy consumption and its optimal use efficiently.

For this purpose, in 2015 the Energy Efficiency Unit (UNEFE) of the URJC was created, in which the Energy Efficiency Commission that had existed until now was absorbed. As the Energy Manager of the buildings belonging to the university, made up of more than 50 buildings spread over 5 campuses (Móstoles, Alcorcón, Fuenlabrada, Vicálvaro and Aranjuez) and 2 buildings (Manuel Becerra and Quintana-Ferraz), we have a transversal character, and We have full competencies in the field of energy efficiency. Nearly 2.000 employees and more than 35.000 students live in these buildings daily.

One of our main achievements has been obtaining, in 2014, the certification according to the UNE ISO 50001:2011 Standard, which has allowed us to give greater visibility, both internally and externally, to all actions aimed at saving and energy efficiency. that have been developed at the University since 2011.

Organizational structure of UNEFE