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Juan Pedro Garcia

Juan Pedro Garcia Juan Pedro Garcia

1. Why did you choose the master's degree in Development of Neurocognitive Techniques in Business Organizations at our university and how has your experience been?

It has been a fantastic experience, since it combines an excellent syllabus and teaching staff with a mixture of the youth of many of the students and the experience of others.

It has opened my mind to face my professional career in the area of ​​human behavior and knowledge.

2. What has led you to pursue your degree at the URJC?

I had been educating myself in this area for years. Being able to attend a regulated training model and with top-level teachers has allowed me to complete my previous knowledge.

3. What do you highlight the most or what do you value most about your university stage at URJC?

The combination of the talent and innovation of the youngest with the experience and knowledge of the most veteran.

4. Would you change anything about your time at URJC?

Yes, I would adjust the schedule to a more limited time format, Fridays and Saturdays.

5. What has graduating meant to you?

It is one more step in my career towards the improvement of knowledge and the breadth of looking towards other scientific fields.

6. What is your employment situation after finishing the degree?

It has allowed me to enter the training market as a teacher and also the coaching market.

7. When you finish your degree and become a URJC Alumni, what advice would you give to students who are finishing their studies at this university?

That they learn, learn and learn again, enjoying the opportunity that a university of this prestige gives them.

8. How do you imagine yourself professionally in a period of five to ten years?

Being a teacher and a coach in the area of ​​neuroscience.

9. Do you think that the pandemic has affected your work development, or, on the contrary, has it become an opportunity?

A problem always has opportunity on its side. It has allowed me to learn about other means of communication and improve time management.

10. Do you plan to continue studying and do you value doing it again at our university?

Yes, sure, training is an essential value of the human being and you always have to be open to new challenges. URJC always helps you meet your expectations of knowledge development.