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Noelia Fernandez Talavera

Noelia Fernandez Talavera Noelia Fernandez Talavera

QUESTION: Why did you choose the Industrial Technology Engineering degree at our university and how has your experience been?

ANSWER: Initially I wasn't quite sure which career to choose. I liked the world of engineering in all its specialties and I considered that the Industrial Technology Engineering degree encompassed all these characteristics. The choice of the university was easy since the URJC has an excellent teaching staff, prepared laboratories and very advanced teaching material to provide quality teaching.

Q: What led you to pursue your degree at URJC?

A: URJC is a very young university, it has quality facilities to support the needs of students, such as the library. In addition, the teachers who teach classes devote themselves completely to their work, trying to maintain a close relationship with all the students in order to help them in whatever is necessary.

Q: What do you highlight the most or what do you value most about your university stage at URJC?

A: The people, both teachers and students, are the ones who have made this stage an unbeatable experience. But I also have to highlight the library, since I spent a lot of time there and having an ideal environment to study with so many comforts is great.

Q: Would you change anything about your time at URJC?

A: Nothing at all.

Q: What has graduating meant to you?

A: I really couldn't graduate due to Covid19. Graduation took place a year after obtaining the degree and I was unable to attend due to a coincidence in the master's schedule. However, I don't have that 'thorn stuck' either, as I continue to maintain contact with the important people who have been by my side throughout this stage.

Q: What is your employment situation after finishing the degree?

A: The next step was to complete the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering. However, the university offered me the opportunity to work in it, so I am currently studying the last year of the Industrial Master's degree and I am a Research Personnel in the Electronic Technology Area.

Q: As an Alumni of the URJC, what advice would you give to students who are finishing their studies at this university?

A: That they continue fighting and striving to achieve their goals, whether it be continuing their studies or entering the world of work. The desire is the most important.

Q: How do you imagine yourself professionally in a period of five to ten years?

A: I would like to work in a company related to Engineering and at the same time be able to continue researching.

Q: Do you think that the pandemic has affected your work development, or, on the contrary, has it become an opportunity?

A: Quite the opposite. The pandemic has allowed me to train at home more deeply in other fields. Thanks to this I was able to win two awards for the Final Degree Project and publish several articles in relevant magazines within the sector.

Q: Do you plan to continue studying and do you value doing it again at our university?

A: Of course. In this world you have to continue training to be able to adapt to new technological advances. I would love to do my doctorate at URJC.